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We at Optimove have refined our positioning and made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. And going off of Mason Cooley, we all know what’s coming

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Amazon started as an online bookstore. Quibi started as a streaming service for the small screen. But things change. Fast forward to late 2020, defining both will require a completely different language. One is the multinational technology empire that rules the universe. The other is a failed attempt that may have been ahead of its time.

But whether it takes 20 years or six months, there’s always a moment in time when you realize your company has evolved to a point you now need to update the way you talk about it. And you don’t want to miss it. The moment to tweak the way we at Optimove position ourselves has come this year. And we did not let it go unnoticed.

In other simpler words: we sharpened and polished our positioning.

See, as a vendor, we always strive to maximize the value we create for those businesses that can gain the most from what we offer. But in a highly competitive, ever-changing and evolving landscape, with buyers that are becoming increasingly more advanced and savvy by the minute, we knew that we needed to renegotiate the language in which we try to convey what this value that we bring exactly is, and who can benefit from it the most.

And so, recently, we framed this thought process and put together a task force, comprised of individuals from different disciplines in the business, to refine what we do best and for whom. You know, just like Amazon is great at selling books to book readers, and that Quibi is, well, nevermind.

It was a tricky task also because, throughout the years, our client base was quite diverse. It required us to take an in-depth look at our roster and put our heads at defining what that string that ties all of them together precisely is.

We came up with this: Smart marketing teams. Customer-centric companies. Data-rich operations. It was an excellent starting point. But it wasn’t enough. There was more to it.

So, we kept digging and were able to define that elusive string further. We can now say we understand that our clients’ common denominator is that: a) they are all high-velocity brands that interact with their customers very frequently. b) they believe in and tend to offer promotions and other incentives to their customers. And finally, c) these brands love and appreciate data and understand its potential when used smartly. Brands that tick all three boxes, or even two of the three, are those that can get the best value from what we bring to the market here at Optimove.

Right. So, the first part was behind us. Next, we had to refine how we describe the value we create for our Ideal Customer Profile. And so, in simple words, we felt comfortable saying that we take all of the customer-data these brands own and harvest from wherever it is stored and put it in one place. That’s step A – a means to an end #1.

Then, we take that data and apply magic to it. Predictive customer modeling, reporting, and other “data voodoo” – to derive customer insight. Step B. Means to an end #2.

Then, our users take advantage of these insights to build segments and communicate with them using the most effective marketing message at any given time through any given channel. Or a combination of channels. Awesome. A means to an end #3.

Still, since we know many vendors that might claim they do that – we had to keep refining these ideas. And the truth is, this part wasn’t that hard. It’s the scale. The scale makes the difference.

To do this operation at scale, a marketer needs a robust system that helps her discover engagement opportunities, continuously improve campaigns and journeys, understand each interaction’s incremental impact, and leverage all of the above to orchestrate a fully blown, harmonized CRM Marketing Machine.

Optimove users can discover, build, manage, measure, and optimize relationships with hundreds of customer segments. Or even thousands! In other words, Optimove helps (high-velocity, promotional, data-centric) brands scale their CRM Marketing from tens to hundreds of segments.

Now that’s an “aha moment.” This is when we felt we had a clear answer to the question, “what do we do best and for whom?”

Put everything together, and you get this: We help high-velocity, promotional, data-centric brands intelligently scale their CRM Marketing from tens to hundreds of segments so that these brands keep their customers coming back.

In less even words: We help brands scale their CRM efforts from orchestrating tens to orchestrating hundreds of segments, maximizing the lifetime value of each and every customer.

How? Well, it is done in our unique three-phase approach:

  • Analytics that surface customer insights empowering the creation of segments
  • Decisioning mechanisms that help to rule which customer gets what, when, and why
  • And some assistance from our AI Bot – Optibot – that combs through all of the data, surfacing actionable insight on how to better things.

But that’s not new. Just a new package. And it only keeps getting better, we promise. Indeed, a living thing.

Optimove. CRM Marketing. Orchestrated.

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