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The Importance of Contextualizing Realtime Player Marketing – Part II

In this 2-part mini-series, you’ll learn how gaming operators use Optimove to amplify their realtime marketing routinely. Case in point: how to improve adoption by cross-selling to mobile

Did you know that gaming operators who combine realtime marketing with historical player data provide their players with a contextual and unified experience – that increases player value by 40% and reactivation by 4X?

In the first part of this mini-series, we spoke about increasing engagement by customizing big win messages. Here we will turn our focus to improving adoption by cross-selling to mobile.

You can read on to discover the next best practice in the mini-series or download all four in the full use case.

Still here? Let’s get right to it.

How to Improve Adoption by Cross-Selling to Mobile

Players who are active across multiple devices show signs of greater adoption and are more invested. Therefore, they’re less likely to churn. Typically, these players also have higher predicted future values.

You can leverage this insight to shape players’ behavior and encourage them to play on multiple devices. See campaign examples according to player segments below:

Furthermore, by using the player’s historical data, you can identify those who’ve only had website activity to promote mobile app activity. A good time to trigger this campaign is after a recent deposit when players show renewed interest in your products.

However, to avoid messaging fatigue, it is essential always to take campaign history into account. You don’t want to bombard players with the same message every time they make a deposit. Using campaign history, you can easily exclude players from receiving the same promotion in a certain period.

See the flowchart below for a detailed example of how it works:

Concluding the Mini-Series

Sending communications in reaction to specific player activity is a great way to reduce some of the guesswork around when you should be communicating with them. However, communicating without context can damage your personalization efforts and lead to messaging-fatigue.

By combining realtime player activity with historical data, you can trigger relevant and personalized messages to your players.

To learn more about how Optimove allows you to deliver contextualized and realtime campaigns, contact us today.

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