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The Importance of Contextualizing Realtime Player Marketing – Part I

In this 2-part mini-series, you’ll learn how gaming operators use Optimove to routinely amplify their realtime marketing

Identifying the ideal time to communicate with every player is one of the toughest questions you face with realtime marketing today in Real Money Gaming.

At least a portion of communications can be easily timed like triggering messages to players in reaction to realtime activities. This provides you with the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and communicate with your players when they are most likely to convert.

Realtime marketing that is disassociated from the player and doesn’t take into account historical data that defines them can cause chaos and damage other personalization efforts that you have implemented, though.

The best way to maximize the potential of realtime marketing is to combine realtime events and behaviors with historical player data, in order to provide a contextual and unified customer experience.

In this mini-series, you’ll gain access to 2 best practices that combine historical and realtime player data as part of your realtime marketing efforts.

You can read on to discover the first one or simply download all four best practices in the full use case.

Increase Engagement by Customizing Big Win Messages

Although churn happens, increasing engagement is one of the most important factors to ensuring that a player doesn’t churn. The more activities players have, the more likely they are to continue to play. 

You might already know, a good time to encourage players to place additional bets, is right after they experience a big win, while they are still feeling lucky and euphoric.

By using a combination of realtime and historical customer data, you can easily leverage a player’s payout ratio to trigger a web pop-up after a big win. A player’s payout ratio is a custom Optimove metric where the total bet amount the player won is divided by the total bet amount the player made.

For example, players who bet $100 and won $50 have a payout ratio of 0.5. A big win, and therefore a good experience, would be a payout ratio of 0.75 or higher. See how it works according to tiers:

To personalize the message and increase the likelihood of conversion, you can segment your players into the three tiers (as shown above) based on their average betting amount: low, medium and high.

Doing so allows you to encourage players to increase their engagement, while setting different thresholds for the same bonus, thus maximizing your profits without discouraging any of your players with conditions they won’t meet.

Stay tuned for the next and final part of this mini-series where we demonstrate how to improve adoption by cross-selling to mobile.

Simply cannot wait? Download the four gaming marketing use cases here.

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Gabriella Laster

Gabriella Laster is Product Marketing Manager at Optimove, responsible for prospect marketing and product messaging. Gabriella holds a B.A. in International Relations and English Literature and an Executive MBA from Hebrew University.