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Take Your Email Deliverability to the Max

See how some brands take advantage of Optimove’s deliverability expertise to overcome common day email marketing challenges

Deliverability is a crucial issue for all brands. Making sure that your emails land in your customers’ inbox could make or break your CRM efforts. And with all the bloodsucking work that marketing departments put forth in creating top-notch mailers, there’s nothing more disappointing than finding out that your customers didn’t receive them.

That’s where Optimove comes into play. Here’s how.

An enterprise-grade, stationary retailer wanted to make sure that their latest office supplies and desk accessories were sent out to customers via email marketing campaigns.

So, they completed a successful IP warm-up, which lasted just over 3 months due to the anticipated daily send volume of nearly 20 million messages.  However, shortly after the client began managing their segmentation strategy and campaign execution, 7 out of the 11 IPs were blacklisted. Open rates declined and overall program performance was negatively impacted.

The solution? An Optimove deliverability expert stepped in to save the day by creating a full-spectrum approach that would improve performance, delist all IPs, and maintain its original clean status. As well as proactively monitor all key reputation factors.

See for yourself how well it worked in the chart below:

By working closely with public blacklist monitoring agencies, Optimove was able to actively delist and maintain full delisting of all 11 IPs throughout the holidays for the stationary retailer, helping to ensure a successful holiday season.

This can be attributed to Optimove’s relationship with the major ISPs. As well as efficiently and swiftly monitoring and handling difficult deliverability issues with the above mentioned agencies.

As you can see below, the amount of times the stationary retailer’s emails got caught in the spam trap also dramatically decreased:

Other challenges the giant enterprise experienced was failure to include attributes that would suppress non-engaged and lapsed engaged users. And, the spike the company had in spam trap hits.

Optimove’s recommendations for segmentation and assistance with working with a 3rd party hygiene and validation partner, helped cleanse the user list for all non-engaged subscribers.  By following these recommendations and other best practices, the enterprise-grade, stationary retailer significantly reduced spam trap hits.

As you can see in the chart below, overall bounce and block issues were positively impacted as well:

The result? The stationary retailer has since seen a 26% increase in open rates when comparing September 2019 to March 2020.

A second company, this one in the beauty and make up industry, was having issues with subscriber engagement and inbox performance for several months. So, they approached Optimove’s deliverability team for ongoing support, to identify opportunities, and receive recommendations on how to increase overall business performance and engagement.

The recommendation? In March 2020, the brand was advised to take an aggressive look at how they were segmenting users in an effort to eliminate potential harmful addresses from their lists. This led to a 91% month-over-month decrease in the number of blocked addresses impacted reputation as well as nearly 60% reduction in spam trap hits.

When comparing October’s open rates to April, the makeup brand has seen dramatic improvements in engagement with customers. Tracking the positive impacts, the one-month changes made to segmentation, and sending strategies on overall performance, all led the brand to CRM success.

Finally, by looking at the table below, you’ll see that in just one month, the cosmetics company was able to increase open rates by 47%:

For information on how to keep your email program healthy, particularly in the wake of COVID-19, see some of the most relevant email marketing best practices here.

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