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Recap: Optimove Connect 2017

Our third annual relationship marketing conference was our best one yet. This year, we focused on the connection between art and science in the marketing industry, and gave our clients various ideas and solutions for stronger ongoing communication with their customers. Optimove's Chief Marketing Officer shares how it all looked from behind the scenes

It’s over. it’s behind us. That was a real roller-coaster i’ll tell you! Hosting over 500 marketers from all around the world, at our third ‘Optimove Connect’ 2017, was the main mission of our marketing team at Optimove for…well, ever since the last event ended in the fall of 2016. It was a year filled with many meetings, emails, discussions, ideas. All had one goal: to have the best, most intriguing though-provoking content we can bring to our guests,(and of course the good food and drinks, the lovely venue and the tip-top logistics and organization.)

I feel we managed that. Our guests had the chance to network and converse with thought leaders and CRM experts from various top online brands, with the hopes of turning these ideas into real conversations between them and their customers. We heard an amazing keynote speech by Mr Blake Irving, GoDaddy CEO, who shared some secrets from his long career. We listened to Pini Yakuel, Optimove’s CEO, explaining his vision of how the marketing world will look in ten years. We participated in panels, one-on-one talks and workshops (a separate blog with all workshops will follow), met with so many industry leaders, and gave our attendees a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the industry. I’m almost certain we achieved our main goal – to enrich, teach, and help improve.

Check our quick recap of these amazing two days:

Let me share some of the great feedback I’ve received from our peers and clients:

“It’s was amazing to meet people who all have similar problems,” said Albina Kehoe, Head of CRM at Stitch Fix. “I would love to be here next year as well”.

Stephanie McKay, Email and Personalization Manager at Lucky Vitamin, also found the experience invaluable. “I was able to make a lot of valuable connections. Seeing a lot of people who are doing interesting things and how Optimove has all this effect across so many different industries,” she said. “Of course you’ll see me next year”.

Simon Hill-Norton, Sweaty Betty’s CEO, added: “it’s the beginning of an important journey for us, and we are very pleased to be connected with Optimove. It’s cool to be here”.

For all of us at Optimove it was a real pleasure meeting clients, partners and prospects face to face.

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Videos (in order of presentation):

Yours truly, trying to set the tone for the conference of the year:

Blake Irving, GoDaddy’s CEO, on how beliefs can make or break your company

Claus Hansen (GVC Group), Eitan Reisel (Google), Vadala Giuseppe (Sisal) and Laszlo Pados (Funstage) join moderator Varda Tirosh to discuss the transformation to segmented campaigns

Jo Petit-Hoang, Director of CRM at Adore Me, sharing the challenges Adore Me was facing which led him to look for a marketing platform:

Stephanie McKay, Email Marketing and Personalization Manager at Lucky Vitamin, shares a day in the life of her creative team:

Albina Kehoe, Head of CRM at Stitch Fix, on the evaluation of marketing:

Cecilia Munthe (Deezer), Lauren Pica (Outbrain), Asaf Younger (My Heritage) and Enrique Colin (Ebury) join moderator Jeffrey Gerstel, CMO at B&H, to discuss the art and science of CRM:

Optimove’s CEO Pini Yakuel shares his notions on what’s next for the marketing industry:

Optimove’s CCO Alon Tvina is saying goodbye to 500 attendees and colleagues at the end of a highly enlightening event:

I’ll take this oppurtunity to thank you again – our guests, colleagues and peers, for helping us make Optimove Connect a success. We’re looking forward to seeing you next year at Optimove Connect 2018!

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