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Optimove and Criteo Announce Partnership to Scale Multichannel Marketing Orchestration and Personalization

Partnership unlocks customer-data-driven growth by serving personalized digital ads across the Criteo platform based on Optimove’s AI-mapped CRM Journeys

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Today, Optimove is excited about the latest addition to our robust list of exclusive partners as we announce our partnership with Criteo. This global technology company is powering the world’s marketers with trusted and impactful advertising. And, a CRM Marketing hub such as Optimove, partnering with an advertising powerhouse such as Criteo, is our way of offering brands some next-level dot-connecting.

The phrase “all marketing is relationship marketing” is one that you will hear from time to time around Optimove’s offices. We’re biased, of course. But there’s a method to the madness – because it is true to some extent that everything you do in marketing, including advertising and acquisition, affects your customers’ lifetime value.

What’s really advanced, though, is taking it all one step further and actually going the other way around – using the inherent personalization-at-scale capabilities of CRM Marketing to enhance your customer acquisition efforts.

This is part of what’s behind this partnership. The Optimove-Criteo integration empowers marketers to leverage Optimove’s hyper-segmentation and multichannel orchestration capabilities with Criteo’s advanced advertising platform.

The possibilities are vast and include:

● Enriched, up-to-date audience hyper-segmentation: Unify all customer data from sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses via Optimove to update powerful micro-audiences that can be targeted across the Criteo platform.

● Multichannel, AI-powered personalization and orchestration: Create impactful digital advertising campaigns using Criteo and ensure customers experience symmetric messaging across additional channels by using Optimove’s AI to orchestrate them in unison.

● Enhanced marketing-impact reporting: Measure advertising performance across channels with Criteo, further understanding their incremental uplift against any business KPI with Optimove’s productized experimentation tools.

Zero+First Party Data to Center Stage

Additionally, as the marketing world is embracing itself to a new age of privacy, and the post-3rd party cookie era, this partnership should certainly be part of how marketers deal with the new situation.

How? As simple as it sounds – leveraging first-party data from Optimove’s actionable CDP and empowering advertising campaigns executed through Criteo – including re-engagement efforts.

For example, an “abandoned cart” campaign – can now use first- and zero-party data, processed through Optimove, to retarget the user on Criteo’s network.

Joint customers such as Lamps Plus are already looking forward to the opportunities this partnership presents.

“Both Optimove and Criteo have been great partners in helping us fuel our growth through scaling our multichannel marketing,” said Angela Hsu, SVP Marketing and eCommerce at Lamps Plus.

“For Lamps Plus, combining Optimove’s customer segmentation and multichannel orchestration with Criteo’s digital advertising platform will ensure our customers receive a holistic experience everywhere. We are excited about the collaboration and the prospect of synchronizing our marketing campaigns across all available channels, perfecting the experience our customers have with the brand.”

“Criteo’s engagement with Optimove reinforces our commitment to unlocking the potential of our clients’ first-party data to reach their customers across the open web,” said Tami Harrigan, Head of Global Partnerships at Criteo. “Together, we will deliver real value to our advertisers by using first-party data to create and activate custom audience segments that not only enrich the customer experience but drive commerce outcomes.”

These are some compelling propositions since customers who experience end-to-end personalized journeys exhibit greater brand loyalty and have a significantly higher lifetime value. By combining Optimove’s AI-mapped CRM Journeys with Criteo’s advertising platform, marketers can seamlessly orchestrate personalized, symmetric customer interactions across email, mobile push notifications, in-app messaging, web channels, and digital ads, at scale.

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Erik Holt

Erik is Optimove’s VP Partnerships Development. He has 20 yrs. of corporate / business development, product strategy, and management experience at leading enterprise technology and digital marketing companies. With a BA from Penn State and an MBA from Villanova University, Erik brings not only tons of business+tech experience but also some significant amounts of Philly into the Optimove DNA. This is where we spell E-A-G-L-E-S.