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Let There Be Data: The World Cup Pulse is a Game Changer

What happens when a unique World Cup meets a first-of-its-kind industry benchmark tool? We're not sure, it never happened before, but it'll definitely be big. With our brand-new World Cup Pulse, for the first time ever, operators can truly compare their performance to the rest of the industry, gaining invaluable insights along the way

What are some memorable World Cup firsts? England winning it all in ’66? Maradona slalom goal vs. England in ’86? Maybe it’s Zidane’s headbutt into Materazzi’s chest in ’06? You gotta love those “firsts”; you never forget them.  

This FIFA 2022 World Cup offers plenty of firsts. It is the first time hosted by a Middle Eastern and Arabic-speaking country. It’s also the first to kick off in November; it’s unique in terms of length, the number of matches, and more.   

To that list of firsts, we offer one of our own. For the first time in World Cup history, we introduce a first-of-its-kind World Cup Benchmark Tool explicitly built for the iGaming Sector. We call it the World Cup Pulse. You’re welcome, operators.   

Average Bet Amount Per Bettor increase/decrease, compared to June 2022   

Stumbling in the dark Now you see it all 

The World Cup Pulse, updated daily throughout the tournament, collects and presents KPIs from over 100 sports gaming brands, including industry giants and boutique operators. We’re talking about tens of millions of player touch points measured, analyzed, and presented in easily digestible charts and graphs.   

For the first time ever, iGaming operators can accurately assess their overall performance during the tournament against industry wide KPIs. Marketing teams can quickly gain visibility into the rest of the sector and access daily benchmarks and KPIs in real-time to send out the right message at the right time for players. There’s something for everyone here, operators, marketing professionals, and even the general public. It’s not like you have to pay or anything; it’s entirely free and open to all.  

“The time when operators stumble in the dark uncertain of how they measure up against the industry is over,” said Motti Colman, Senior Director of Sales, in our official press release of November 18. He’s right; the World Cup Pulse is like the first-ever torch illuminating the previously unseen.  

He explains that “this is an unprecedented World Cup in terms of the total number of matches, timing, and location. Understanding how behavior changes daily is more important than ever as operators attempt to navigate uncharted waters in a one-of-a-kind World Cup.  

Previously limited to their own data, operators can now access industry statistically valid insights and benchmarks like never before, allowing them to make data-driven decisions in real-time,” Colman concludes.     

KPIs, benchmarks, graphs, and more  

To better understand how the World Cup changes player behavior, we’ve used a static baseline from June 2022, when no other global football events occurred. In quick bullets, this is what awaits you inside:  

  • Average Bet Amount per Sport Bettor    
  • Bet Amount Distribution by bet (Live or Pre-match)    
  • Bet Amount distribution by channel    
  • Retention rate    
  • Reactivation rate    
  • Conversion rate    

Some examples? Sure.  

In the World Cup Pulse, you’ll be able to see what the tournament does to the Average Bet Amount. What usually happens in big tournaments is a decrease in that KPI; that’s part of what makes new players tick. It occurs due to a spike in new, casual bettors, depositing smaller sums. You can follow that metric day in, and day out, comparing different countries. Let’s look at Average Bet Amount in Brazil, compared to the United Kingdom:  

Note that while November 13 shows an increase in Average Bet Amount in the UK compared to a drop in Brazil, the latter is closer to the 0% baseline (June 2022). 

Data in the World Cup Pulse is broken down by country, so if you want to see how Brazil vs. Serbia affected bettor behavior in Brazil ahead of the match – now you can!  

You can also look into bets by type, and compare live and pre match, or view by distribution channel.  

View Bet Amount by Type and Channel   

And lastly, perhaps most importantly, you get much-needed visibility into KPIs that indicate operators’ ability to convert new players, retain existing ones, and reactivate churned players. 

View Conversion/Reactivation/Retention rates  

Can all this be free? Well, it is  

We said it once, and we’ll say it again because it’s true: the World Cup Pulse is available to operators, marketing professionals and the public free of charge. Ready to unlock deep industry benchmarks and see how your brand measures? Visit the World Cup Pulse today!   

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