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Optimove Insights’ June iGaming Pulse Snapshot: Europe Edges LATAM in New Players Growth Amid Peak Events

Optimove’s Pulse tool provides iGaming operators with unprecedented visibility into industry performance, trends and benchmarks

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Why it Matters:

For iGaming operators, understanding the impact of peak sport events on betting patterns and player behavior is critical for growth. The Optimove Insights’ Pulse Snapshot provides insight into a recent trend in Europe and LATAM amid the Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024. Optimove Insights is the analytical and research arm of Optimove, the #1 CRM Marketing Solution for iGaming and Sports Betting.  

Key Takeaways:

This month’s snapshot examines the impact of peak events like Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024 on betting patterns and player behavior. Optimove’s Pulse tool detected a 40% increase in First Time Depositors (FTDs or new players) in Euro countries, compared to a 31% increase in Copa America countries. Understanding these trends is essential for sports betting operators to refine player engagement and retention strategies effectively. 

Copa America Vs. Euro 2024: More New Players in Europe  

In June, the European market showcased a notable surge in new players. First Time Depositors (FTDs or New players) join the action during peak events, place a small bet or two, and churn quickly after the tournament. Retaining them is challenging but success can mean significant growth. 

While overall player growth was higher in LATAM was higher in April and May the European market saw a more significant influx of new players in June. During that month, the Pulse detected a 40% increase in FTDs in Euro countries, compared to a 31% increase in LATAM countries.  

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While growing more slowly overall, the mature European market continues to attract a significant number of new players due to its established infrastructure and widespread popularity of football (soccer) betting. LATAM showed a higher rate in April and May (137% and 139%, respectively), suggesting that new players in LATAM joined the action early compared to European new players joining as Euro 2024 kicked off.  

See depiction of this trend below. 

In summary 

Understanding player behavior and betting patterns is crucial for iGaming operators as it allows them to personalize player experience, enhance player engagement, and increase retention rates. By analyzing these patterns, operators can tailor their marketing strategies, identify high-value players, and offer targeted promotions that resonate with individual preferences, ultimately driving higher lifetime value and improving overall business performance. 

For more insights, visit the Optimove Insights iGaming Pulse – a unique industry benchmark tool that provides operators with daily access to industry-wide benchmarks and KPIs.  

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