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How Sweaty Betty Grew Significantly Through Its Existing Customers

After using Optimove’s relationship marketing hub, the British activewear retailer saw an increase in total order value and a decrease in churn proving that existing customers are the secret sauce of growth

As a brand designed by women, for women, Sweaty Betty has helped shape the activewear market for over 20 years. With a flagship store in London and over 60 retail locations across the US and UK, the retailer serves a massive population looking for both studio to streetwear and a supportive wellness-focused community.

After two successful decades, the Sweaty Betty team knew they needed to raise the bar and get closer to their customers—something that relied heavily on becoming more personal with their data. They wanted a solution that could quickly parse through their data so they could jump and react to any changes in the market or with their customers’ behavior.

Their ultimate goals were to democratize data within their organization, to make it easier and faster for the marketing team to carry out data-driven operations, and be able to use that information to deliver personalized communications to all of their customers.

Customer-Centricity is A Must

After signing with Optimove, Sweaty Betty’s first step was to compile their information and input it into our Customer Data Platform. Once they consolidated their data, they used our built-in BI Studio to generate reports that allowed the activewear company to understand their customer behavior and measure the results of their marketing activities.

Before using Optimove, Sweaty Betty was working with a limited number of customer segments. But soon after their onboarding, they were ready for the next step, utilizing our customer modeling to gain insight into how their small, homogeneous segments behaved and sending relevant offers to each group. During the following months, Sweaty Betty and Optimove worked to increase the number of segments across a growing number of channels.

Sweaty Betty’s marketing team was able to identify and cater to their VIP segments, run marketing experiments through additional channels, and prove the financial uplift from their campaigns. It wasn’t long before the retailer saw their total order value increase by 22%, a 32% decrease in churn, a 75% decrease in cost per acquisition, and a 47% decrease in customer retention costs.

Their Success Story: Understanding Existing Customer Potential 

While they initially wanted to introduce Optimove as a way to better collect and manage their data, Optimove became the ‘backbone of the business,’ helping Sweaty Betty to manage their goals and financial projections. Additionally, after implementing our software, the company shortened the cycle between ideation to execution for their marketing efforts.

Emma Crepeau, Vice President of Performance Marketing at Sweaty Betty said that Optimove has improved several aspects of their business, but emphasized that it helped them accomplish what they first set out to do: get to know their customers better and translate that information into personalized campaigns.

“Optimove empowers our internal teams to quickly execute and measure the things they want to do, to proactively influence customer behavior, to optimize the impact that their efforts are having over time, and to easily showcase to management how their efforts are paying off. This clarity has definitely encouraged our team to be much more creative and data-driven, a mindset that is paying big dividends around our customer relationship efforts.”

Existing customers are the secret sauce of growth. In fact, CRM Marketing at scale can boost customer LTV by +33%!

You too can grow through your existing customers by scaling optimized journeys to determine the next-best-communication for each individual customer, at any given time, creating the greatest impact on their customer lifetime value.

Sounds too good to be true? It is good and and it is true! Reach out to us today.

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Moshe Demri

Moshe Demri leads Optimove’s global revenue team and is focused on helping clients optimize their customer retention plans and their use of the Optimove software. Moshe has vast experience consulting clients as a data scientist, analyzing their customer data and revealing actionable, data-driven marketing insights. Moshe holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in Information Systems.