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Optimove integrates with Dynamic Yield to Personalize & Optimize CRM Campaigns Across ALL Customer Touchpoints

The joint integration will enable customers to combine multichannel orchestration with real-time online personalization

Optimove and Dynamic Yield are pleased to announce a strategic integration that allows your brand to ensure each customer receives the optimal marketing treatment across all channels.

The partnership unlocks the personalization and optimization of marketing campaigns and customer experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle. By combining Optimove’s collected data with the power of Dynamic Yield’s personalization engine, your brand can easily deliver seamless and consistent campaigns.

“Customers who experience end-to-end personalized journeys exhibit greater brand loyalty and have a higher lifetime value,” said Yoav Susz, VP Revenue at Optimove.

“By combining Optimove’s multichannel orchestration engine with Dynamic Yield’s personalization platform, marketers can seamlessly create personalized and synchronized interactions across channels and touchpoints.”

Additionally, this integration allows for leveraging Optimove’s multichannel orchestration and optimization capabilities with Dynamic Yield’s real-time online personalization technology.

What’s more, this joint solution allows marketers to benefit from:

  • Enriched customer profiles with real-time data: Unify all customer data from sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses via Optimove and incorporate powerful engagement-level data captured by Dynamic Yield from apps and websites.
  • Multichannel personalization and orchestration: Deliver seamless and consistent campaigns by using Optimove to orchestrate customer communications via any channel and then ensure they receive the same message and offer upon clicking-through to the brand’s website or app with Dynamic Yield.
  • A continuous optimization loop: Leverage Optimove’s customer behavior modeling to maximize the impact of every campaign, further optimizing each online experience at the variation-level through Dynamic Yield

And even more, depends on how eager your brand is to give its customers the best possible experience.

“Providing personalized customer experiences requires all of your customer touchpoints to be perfectly aligned. Just like sending a customer two conflicting emails is not a winning strategy, neither is sending customers personalized marketing campaigns directing them to a website that doesn’t provide the same personalized experience,” said Chris Feroli, VP of Sales at Dynamic Yield.

“With this integration, teams can guarantee that each customer has the most relevant experience while interacting with their brand.”

To learn more about how you can use Optimove and Dynamic Yield to orchestrate perfectly aligned customer journeys across all channels and touchpoints, click here.

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