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Experimentation is a Marketer’s Secret Weapon. Here’s Why
“According to research by Gartner “Marketing teams conduct experiments to test and improve the efficacy of new products, features, experiences and campaigns. These improvements allow marketers to innovate and stay ahead of the competition; Gartner’s 2018 Marketing Data and Analytics Survey found that the majority of marketers who prioritize testing and experimentation significantly outperform their peers.”
GVC extends Optimove CRM partnership
“GVC has signed a five-year extension with Optimove across all global brands to manage CRM and player marketing via its Relationship Marketing Hub. Optimove enables GVC’s CRM marketing operations to transform player data into actionable insights, helping to drive growth across the operator’s brands including Ladbrokes and Coral. Additionally, GVC has decided to adopt Optimove’s…”
Precision Marketing 101: Exploring the Concepts and Tools to Do It
“Today’s online consumers have the world at their disposal. They can choose from a variety of brands, sticking with the one that gives them the optimal benefits in terms of both product and value. In such a competitive environment, the brand that ultimately wins the sale will be the one that offers the best deal for each customer.”

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