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15 Ways A Growing Business Can Retain Engagement With Its Customer Base
“Scaling up is always a pain point for a growing business. As customers, we love our neighborhood grocer, because he knows exactly what we like and what to recommend. But he has only hundreds of customers. Growing businesses can maintain engagement by using AI and machine learning to personalize their customer experience at scale. This will give every customer the personal experience they expect” -Pini Yakuel, CEO, Optimove
13 Modern Marketing Strategies For Brick-And-Mortar Stores
“In-store-only discounts may be the obvious answer, but not necessarily the right one. Brick-and-mortar stores should offer valuable content to customers to attract them. Try a campaign offering a workshop, makeover, meeting with a stylist or author. Get creative with rewards offered to in-store selfies/stories with special hashtags, or even scavenger hunts. Offer valuable content. Results will follow” – Pini Yakuel, CEO, Optimove

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