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How To Create An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Startup
Pini Yakuel, the CEO of Optimove: The ability to perform better math is no longer enough to build a successful AI-driven startup because in the rush to be an AI-focused company, startups have stopped taking into account the business problem they are solving.
Secret Scores Shape Customer Service
The secret shopper score model and calculator in this WSJ piece was developed collaboratively by Optimove and the Wall Street Journal.
Optimize Website Conversion with Optimove Artificial Intelligence
We spoke with CEO Pini Yakuel to hear what optimove is all about, and get a glimpse of his views on the future of AI.
Here’s How Exceptionally Successful People Generate Their Own Good Luck
“Create opportunities within your company by encouraging a culture of knowledge sharing. –Pini Yakuel, cofounder and CEO of Optimove.
Shipware and Optimove Partnership Propel Optimization Capabilities
Both Shipware and Optimove leverage the power of AI to enhance customer experience and lifetime value.
Marketers Should Focus on the Overall Customer Journey
“A brand really does need to manage every customer’s unique journey,” said Yoav Susz, Vice President, North America, Optimove, who spoke on “Managing Every Customer’s Unique Journey” at WWD Digital Forum, New York.
18 Continuous Learning Ideas For The Forward-Thinking Professional
“Since AI and predictive analytics are becoming more necessary, I would suggest marketers familiarize themselves with this fields and learn how to harness the power of machine learning innovation in their strategy.” – Pini Yakuel, Optimove
Digital Assistant, Help Me Market My Brand
How marketers are incorporating digital assistants into their marketing strategy.
17 Ideas For Using Machine Learning In Communications
“Funny as it may seem, AI can help brands communicate more personally with their customers.” – Pini Yakuel, Optimove

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