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Marketing Bottlenecks In Creating Customer Loyalty
Loyalty. It is the final stage of the customer journey that is victory. Nothing is more valuable than when a consumer becomes a repeat customer and advocates for a product or service. Landing in this auspicious place only happens after the arduous task of brands guiding a consumer through tried-and-true marketing stages: 1) awareness, 2) consideration, 3) decision, 4) purchase, 5) post-purchase, and finally, 6) loyalty.
The GIGO Rule Applies to Marketing Too
Garbage in, garbage out. It is a tried-and-true rule in accounting. Inadequate or inaccurate financial data equates to inaccurate and inadequate financial information. Full stop. What about data excellence for consumer marketing? The reality is that data excellence in consumer marketing is more challenging than when applied to accounting. In accounting, companies freeze results as a snapshot in time to report trends and earnings. The numbers are the numbers.
Yesterday’s Killer App, Email, Can be a Killer in Marketing
Back in the 1990s, the Neanderthal Days of the internet, email was the killer app. Welcome to 2023. An Optimove February 2023 survey of 450 consumers revealed that email could catch a consumer’s attention when they shop online 33% of the time. It just edged out social media at 31%, followed by text at 13% and online ads at 12%.

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