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When Implementing Global Programs With a Localized Strategy Yields 25% Increase in Average Order Value

Musti, a leading Nordic pet care specialist, grew so much that the company had to improve its use of customer data to unlock personalized marketing across multiple countries and channels. By choosing Optimove, it scaled personalization to a point where 89% of its campaigns targeted less than 0.02% of its customer base. Read on for the full case study

One of the biggest fears related to globalization is that it turns us into one giant, homogenous world culture, erasing local identities in the process.

This fear comes up often when successful brands enter more and more markets. Which is funny, because if you were to ask these marketers, and specifically their CRM Marketing teams, they would tell you that all they think about is how to localize their brand experiences.

One such company is Musti Group, a leading Nordic pet care specialist operating in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Founded in 1988, Musti serves Nordic customers through store chains like Musti ja Mirri, Musti, Arken Zoo, and Djurmagazinet, and pureplay online retail brands such as Peten Koiratarvike and Vetzoo.

At one point, as localization became an issue, Musti’s main goal was to improve its use of customer data to unlock personalized recommendations and offers across channels. Initially, as we often see, the company’s data was spread across many systems, hampering the CRM Marketing team‘s ability to apply sophisticated segmentation and multichannel orchestration.

That was not going to cut it. Musti decided to look for a CDP that could collect all their relevant customer data in one place, and then also utilize it to personalize marketing campaigns by targeting the right customer, at the right time, with the right offer.

Enter Optimove.

By using Optimove, Musti Group’s CRM Marketing team enjoys easy access to a unified view of all customer purchasing and behavioral data, irrespective of the store, channel, or country from where they originate. At the same time, the platform gives Musti’s marketers the flexibility needed to provide localized experiences, based on each store’s needs.

For example: Musti personalizes campaigns to the needs of specific stores and countries by combining global customer lifecycles with localized strategic logic. Musti’s team applies this flexibility across its strategies – from customer acquisition to customer reactivation.

It doesn’t end there. Musti’s marketers can now easily collaborate with individual stores to launch localized promotions. The team can create granular segments with personalized offers within Optimove, and the platform will automatically suppress customers who are not credited with the promotion before executing the campaign. As a result, the team can respond to the needs of each store in a timely and effective manner.

Improvement Across the Board

By adopting Optimove’s CRM Marketing Hub, Musti Group saw significant improvements in key metrics, including:

  • 89% of campaigns targeting less than 0.02% of customers in their database (that’s some maximized personalization!)
  • (leading to…) Increasing email Click-to-Open ratio by 30% YoY
  • (leading to…) Increasing average order value by 25% YoY!

“Optimove’s ability to tailor its platform to our needs has helped us easily scale our personalization for multiple countries and regions by providing the flexibility to implement global programs with a localized strategy. This is something we clearly could not do with our previous provider,” said Jakob Flygare, Data Scientist, Customer Experience and Loyalty at Musti Group.

With Optimove’s support, Musti can continue to nurture customer loyalty by using hyper-localization in a multi-national environment, turning the fear of globalization into the familiarity of personalization-at-scale.

Access the complete, downloadable (and easily sharable, wink wink) case study here.

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