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Travel & Ticketing Companies: Here’s How to Communicate with Your Customers During COVID-19

Be helpful. Above all. Your customers will remember it. They will also remember if you weren't

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, we noticed a shift in the way leisure companies – travel and ticketing mostly – are approaching their customers. This shift in communication is especially necessary in an industry that has been so dramatically affected by the crisis.

To overcome these challenges, many of our clients are focusing on nurturing existing customer bases. That’s a bit of a shift from trying to acquire new ones, of course. The idea is that, in the long run, post-coronavirus, that is – these clients will surely remember the supportive, sensitive treatment and turn to them first.

We’ve gathered a few examples we recently saw and liked.

Travel & Tourism

The Travel and Tourism industry was probably the first to have felt the negative impact of the pandemic, with countless small-timers probably already out of business.

At Optimove, our Travel and Tourism clients started off by being very transparent in their messaging – providing a sense of authenticity and care. Factual information on travel risks, safety precautions, and updated trip cancellation policies set the tone.

Now, these companies are using the power of segmentation to target their most valuable customers who will most likely stick around.

That’s a smart second step. Use inspirational content for future travel planning and itinerary ideas to engage users and excite them about “the day after.” Keep up positive messages that reinforce connections.

Tickets & Events

Buying tickets for clubs, concerts, events, and festivals were probably next in line to feel the effects of the pandemic.

Myriad of promotions, commercials, and ad campaigns need to be tweaked or postponed. That’s why focusing on retaining and strengthening your existing customer base is preferred.

Send out an email with a “when at home” playlist, live stream performances, and share uplifting videos of artists distributing content online to keep your customers entertained.

Travel Insurance

So, who needs travel insurance when no one’s flying? At Optimove, one of our clients is preparing to launch an extended travel insurance plan with all sorts of benefits. It’s a generous offer to be sent only to the right client segment who will surely stick around when this is all over.

The idea is to focus on the day-after and simply maintain a healthy customer relationship in the meanwhile.

There are many ways to engage with your customers. Even when talking about these leisure arenas, and during these challenging times.

As long as you remember to remain supportive, sensitive, relevant, and helpful – you’re on the right track. Until then, though, let’s stay home.

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Roni Cohen

Roni, Director of Customer Success and Data Science, joined Optimove in 2015. She's an Industrial Engineering and Information Systems graduate from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.