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The Retention Potential of a Good Digital Transformation: See How this Telco Brand Doubled its Number of Campaigns

Every “legacy” telecommunications company is a prime candidate to benefit immensely from digital transformation. Melita, a quadruple-play provider, chose Optimove to take its customer data and CRM marketing to the next level. Here’s what it looks like

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Digital Transformation is “big words.” Googling the terms returns more than 50 million results, searching for news about it leads you to sites such as “MIT Sloan Management Review,” “Wired,” “Forbes,” and even “Politico.” Forrester and Gartner are deep into explaining and dissecting this industry, and estimations for how much companies will be spending on Digital Transformation (DX) in 2022 is closing in on 2 trillion. Yes, with a T.

So, no, we’re not gonna claim we have the solution for all your DX problems. Far from it. Firstly, because no one can seriously claim they do. And, secondly, because it’s not – and never was – Optimove’s focus.

But we do work with dozens and dozens of “legacy” companies – organizations that existed years before the world turned digital. And every time we onboard such a client, we get a front-row seat, no, a behind-the-scenes role, in revealing the vast benefits and the incredible potential of a good DX.

It’s especially true when this client is a telecommunications brand. Because, as opposed to your run-of-the-mill brick-and-mortar retailer, for example, telco companies bring with them two “legacy” differences: 1) they were always offering a multichannel customer journey. And 2) from their products and services to billing and support, these companies are already halfway into being digitalized organizations. So, the need for a complete DX, and the potential it holds, are both as high as they can get.

Oh, and even more relevant to how Optimove can help with it, there’s one more thing that makes telco brands prime candidates to maximize the benefits of DX – the data. And to be more precise: the customer data.

Think about it, a telco player – offering TV/cable, phone, internet, & mobile services – sits on mountains of customer data. And, with this data probably scattered across services, anyone can see the huge business opportunity that lies in this untapped potential.

Luckily, the people of Melita – a quadruple play provider that serves more than 75% of Maltese households – were always on the exact same page as us. As a customer-centric organization, Melita believes that all strategic planning needs to begin with customer insights. And by partnering with us, they now have easy access to their unified customer data, orchestrate multiple channels at once, and leverage AI to drive CRM Marketing at scale.

Now, Melita’s product, customer insights, digital marketing, and communications teams base their data-driven decisions on analyzing customer behaviors with Optimove.

For example, Melita’s product team uses Optimove to identify growth opportunities such as segments to cross-sell and align an offering with its CRM team. The CRM team then leverages Optimove’s experimentation and orchestration capabilities to test different personalized messages and offers to maximize the campaigns’ impact.

“Optimove has helped us reach our strategic goal of digitalizing CRM Marketing,” Federica Calandrino, a Customer Insights Manager at Melita told us, adding that the company’s “campaign ideation is now more data-driven and customer-focused than ever before.”

Within Optimove, Melita’s CRM team has access to over 300 different customer attributes, which can be combined with campaign engagement history, product purchase history, and predictive analytics to create granular segments that power hyper-targeted campaigns and offers.

The results?

By adopting Optimove’s CRM Marketing Hub, Melita has observed significant improvements in key metrics, including:

  • Doubled number of campaigns surpassing the 290 monthly messages
  • Reduced campaign launch time from 4.5 hours to 10 minutes
  • Attained a Live Customer monthly communication ratio above 90%

“As we scale, Optimove allows us to orchestrate our campaigns in a sophisticated way so that customers aren’t overwhelmed with conflicting messages and our brand is strengthened by their positive experience,” said Amanda Holmes, Brand & Communications Manager at Melita.

Today, Melita’s in-house SMS and call center solutions are orchestrated in unison with Facebook ads, direct mail, and Optimove’s ESP, Optimail, directly from within the Optimove interface. And as the number of channels and campaigns grow, with Optimove’s support, Melita is confident in its ability to harmonize messages while providing customers with the best experience possible.

Access the complete, downloadable (and easily sharable, wink wink) case study here.

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