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Download the eBook: Can Tech Help Battle Problematic Gambling? 

Marking Problem Gambling Awareness Month, a new eBook explores the advantages of leveraging technology for proactive responsible gambling measures and implementing effective marketing strategies

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Why it Matters:

March marks Problem Gambling Awareness Month in the US. It aims to raise public awareness about problem gambling and advocate for prevention, treatment, and recovery services. 

Tech can contribute to mitigating problem gambling. Understanding tech’s role in identifying and preventing unhealthy behavior is key. Operators should understand the potential risks associated with problem gambling and provide players with the resources, content, and support they need to make informed decisions. This approach is beneficial for players and operators. 

The big picture:
  • Operators can use tech to prioritize responsible gambling measures, to ensure player welfare, avoid unnecessary fines, sidestep regulatory risks, safeguard their reputations, and address staffing concerns. 
  • Leveraging AI and predictive models can help operators identify and act on at-risk players. Responsible gambling measures can reduce churn and increase player retention. 
  • Responsible gambling tools are emerging as trust and loyalty boosters, with 75% of players appreciating their inclusion, Optimove survey reveals.

Why Operators Should Promote Responsible Gambling Practices 

Every business understands the importance of customer loyalty. Loyalty can be a result of personalization, offers, level of service and more. But if consumers perceive a brand as not sufficiently investing in their wellbeing, the brand risks losing their loyalty and business. 

When players sense that operators aren’t adequately addressing problematic gambling behaviors, it could jeopardize their loyalty to the brand. This not only harms the brand reputation but also complicates the process of rebuilding trust and loyalty in the future. 

Moreover, operators risk regulatory backlash, fines, and license revocation if they’re found to have permitted problem gambling on their platforms. 

“The availability of problem gambling prevention and treatment services varies greatly across American jurisdictions, including in many where there is little or no public funding for such programs at all,” wrote Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), in a guest blog. While the US awaits legislative steps, Tech can help. Using tech to identify at-risk players, operators can provide a safer, more personalized player experience. For starters, Operators can take seven steps to leverage player data to address problem gambling behavior. 

Guide to Advanced Customer Segmentation

How can technology promote Responsible Gambling? 

The eBook “Responsible Gaming; Get Ahead of the Game, Go Predictive” explores how technology – specifically AI and predictive models – can help cautious Operators demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of players and by default, position themselves as industry leaders in an increasingly crowded marketplace.  

In the Responsible Gambling ebook you’ll find: 

  • Why being proactive when it comes to responsible gaming can help power the business, empower players, and strengthen the brand  
  • The benefits of adhering to regulatory compliance  
  • How the right technology can support responsible gaming strategy  
  • And invaluable tips for adopting best practices when it comes to marketing and responsible gaming  

In Summary 

A robust, well-thought-through, responsible gambling marketing strategy empowers operators to build a sustainable and profitable operation and maintain a good reputation. 

To learn more about why prioritizing responsible gambling provides the foundations for building customer trust, winning player loyalty, and creating a sustainable business model – download the complete Responsible Gaming: Get Ahead of the Game eBook

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