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Optimizing the In-platform Player Experience – Part I

Welcome to this three-part mini-series, where we discuss the importance of enhancing your in-platform player experience. In the first part, we’ll outline the challenges of personalization and offer possible solutions. So, here it goes…

iGaming operators face many challenges. Some do more than others.  

One major challenge most (if not all) operators face in iGaming is keeping players engaged on their app and site. And getting them to return – too! 

However, there is a solution to this problem, and it lies in web personalization. The idea is to provide each player a personalized experience, like a customized homepage or casino lobby – so they keep returning for more. 

Personalization is key to building lasting relationships with your players and is crucial for any business that wants to boost growth in a highly competitive market.  

In the iGaming industry, personalization has been proven to increase wagering by +30%! So, why don’t all operators personalize, you ask? Well, again – there are some challenges here.  

The Challenges of Web Personalization  

Commoditization of offerings in sports betting and gaming 

When many similar products or services are offered, it becomes hard for players to distinguish between the various platforms.  

In the iGaming industry, most operators offer the same bets and games. As a result, players may become less loyal to a particular game or platform and more likely to switch to a competitor if it offers a better deal or experience. 

In sports betting, operators don’t own the sporting events on their platform. They allow players to bet on them. For instance, most operators will offer bets on a match like Real Madrid versus Barcelona – the winner, the final score, the scorers – you know the drill. 

Operators can only serve commoditized games and betting options without the ability to serve each player bets they care about – like on their favorite team, player, and more. That is much less effective. 

Disconnected platforms 

Many iGaming operators use separate software systems to manage their operations that are not integrated or able to communicate with each other. This lack of integration can cause various issues, including data inconsistencies, operational inefficiencies, and other difficulties. 

So, what do you do when you have complex tech stacks where the data is disconnected? 

Though it may seem like we’re approaching a Stackpocalypse, there’s a simple solution right before you. 

Marketers will only extract the greatest value from their technological investments by creating a MarTech ecosystem (working with the brain) where your marketing stack needs just two blocks: insight and engagement, connected by a thin line that unifies your data and orchestrates your channels. 

The focus should be on adding solutions that will facilitate an ecosystem approach to marketing technologies rather than those that will further cement a stack methodology. Then, marketers can focus on what they do best, IT and other departments can refocus their time and efforts on their core goals. 

Stretched roadmaps and delivery pressure 

The final challenge your brand might face is your tech team’s inability to “do it all.”  

iGaming operators are constantly pressured to release new products, features, and updates (as well as marketing campaigns) to remain competitive and keep up with player demand. However, developing and delivering high-quality software is challenging, especially if your brand lacks the necessary resources, expertise, or technology. 

The challenges arise when there are goals and targets for product development and deployment within a limited timeframe. But, in reality, no one has the time to sit down and create a personalization engine. 

The good news is the raw ingredients are there. 

So, What’s the Solution? 

Your content (events and games) meets your audiences’ needs and expectations. You have data on your players – but don’t have a way to mix and match them in a personalized, scalable manner. 

So, you want to find a platform that can easily take your content and data and automatically determine the best bet to create tailored content recommendations for each player from their first visit to their last. 

Once you do this, their entire experience becomes relevant and personalized, and players will stick around longer. Ultimately, you gain a competitive advantage as personalizing the in-platform player experience allows your brand to stand out. 

Here’s an example of a dynamic, personalized lobby where recommendations are brought to the forefront of the app: 

Just make sure that the platform you choose, the one that can combine it all, doesn’t require sizeable technological investment and marketing data integration. Otherwise, you’ll return to square one: tough roadmaps and delivery pressure. 

Stay tuned for the next part of this mini-series, where we provide more details on the in-platform player experience and how to get started. 

Heard of Optimove’s very own Digital Experience Platform, Opti-X? Read all about it here. Also, see why web personalization is no longer a marketing luxury.

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