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Optimizing The In-Platform Player Experience – Part II 

Improving the player experience is a major task for any operator wishing to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Often, the same mistakes recur. In the second part of this mini-series, we'll outline how to reimagine the experience you offer players to provide deeper personalization and a top-notch user experience

Welcome to this three-part mini-series, where we discuss the importance of enhancing your in-platform player experience.  

In Optimizing the In-platform Player Experience – Part I – we discussed why you should personalize the player experience and how it can help take your app and site to the next level. The bottom line was that there are solutions to iGaming operators’ challenges in web personalization.  

Today, we’ll explore how personalized experiences can be reimagined through new interaction paradigms and interfaces, integrating search into the core of the experience and streamlining the player journey. 

By reimagining the in-platform player experience and adopting innovative strategies, you can make your platform more accessible, engaging, and efficient.  

So, let’s get started. 

Three core ways of reimagining the in-platform player experience: 

Build new interaction paradigms and interfaces.  

The iGaming industry has a one-size-fits-all approach regarding the product and services offered. Typically, products are taken from the same gaming suppliers, and player experience and personalization are often overlooked. 

In-platform personalization, combined with a Customer-Led Marketing approach, allows brands to explore new interaction paradigms and interfaces. It can change how players interact with content (events and games) and a platform – and how players think about your brand beyond technical improvements.  

So how is it done, you ask? 

Reimagining the in-platform player experience challenges conventional thinking and brings new customer needs to the forefront. It involves first considering the player experience and then exploring how they interact with other industries and markets for inspiration. 

For example, study how mobile gaming apps or social media platforms engage users and keep them coming back for more. Look at trends in e-commerce or subscription services to see how other businesses are building loyalty and engagement.  

By combining insights from both within and outside your industry, you can develop new ideas for reimagining the player experience on your platform. 

Add search to the experience. 

Introducing features like chat and search to the betting industry could significantly enhance the overall player experience. 

When a consumer wants to buy something online, they search for it. iGaming operators should take a similar approach by introducing search functionality to their platform to make it easier and more convenient for players to find games and events before running off to the next platform. Players shouldn’t have to go and search for the search button, either. 

Finally, brands can use a search engine to provide personalized recommendations to each player. For example, if a player frequently spins the reels, recommend similar slot games based on their interests.  

Simplify and streamline player experiences. 

One of the key benefits of in-platform personalization is the ability to simplify and streamline the player experience. Streamlined interfaces improve search functionality and make it easier for players to navigate and interact with your platform.  

Players are used to complex user interfaces in iGaming, which can be particularly overwhelming for new or casual players. By reducing the number of steps or clicks required to perform tasks, players can quickly and easily complete actions. This includes everything from depositing to placing a bet and accessing the game lobby or customer support. 

Making it easier for players to navigate and interact with your platform reduces friction, increases engagement, and makes your platform more accessible, engaging, and efficient. That’s why simplifying and streamlining the player experience increases player satisfaction and improves overall marketing outcomes. 

Don’t play games with your players; help them.  

In the iGaming industry, players seek more than just the ability to play games. They want an enjoyable, action-packed, and immersive experience that is tailored to their interests and preferences.  

By building intuitive interfaces, integrating search functionality, and streamlining the user experience, brands can provide players with a personalized and powerful gaming experience that keeps them engaged and returning for more. 

Remember to refer back to the first part of this mini-series for more on optimizing the in-platform player experience! 

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