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Growing With Optimove, Attentive, and Dynamic Yield: Your Ideal Go-To Combo for Multichannel Personalization, at Scale

Growing through existing customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. But it's not easy as it requires scaling your personalization. Building an ecosystem around this three best-of-breed solutions would set you up for that kind of success

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CRM Marketers have known for a long time what some companies are just now discovering; That it’s much more cost-effective to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. In fact, it’s FIVE times more cost-effective!

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The key to customer retention lies in providing personalized experiences and interactions to each customer and at scale. In fact, according to McKinsey, personalization at scale alone has the potential to create between $1.7 trillion to $3 trillion in new value.

Most brands aim to scale personalization by creating a best-of-breed martech ecosystem that will facilitate these interactions, and rightfully so.

According to a survey conducted by Gartner (subscription required), marketers with a best-of-breed ecosystem perceive their company outperforming peers in terms of revenue and profit at a 35% higher rate than those with an integrated suite.

So, it is no surprise that brands turn to three best-of-breed solutions, Optimove, Attentive, and Dynamic Yield, to provide unified, seamless, and personalized interactions across the customer lifecycle.

Achieving a complete martech ecosystem

Brands that have Optimove at the center of their marketing tech ecosystem harmonize the different solutions that comprise it, optimize performance, and maximize the value they achieve from each.

By integrating the three solutions, brands gain the ability to leverage Optimove’s multichannel orchestration capabilities combined with Attentive’s mobile marketing excellence and Dynamic Yield’s realtime personalization technology.

For example, brands can:

  • Automate customer profile creation
    Automatically create a customer profile for multichannel marketing in Optimove by acquiring emails with Attentive’s two-tap mobile signup tool.
  • Create powerful segmentation combining transactional, realtime, and predictive data
    Combine the robust predictive data Dynamic Yield creates in response to onsite customer behavior with the historical and realtime customer data unified by Optimove to form multi-dimensional customer segments.
  • Multichannel journey orchestration
    Let Optimove’s AI Journey Orchestration determine the ideal offer for a specific segment, send a personalized SMS to them via Attentive, and serve them a personalized website version with Dynamic Yield.

Unlock personalized CRM journeys at scale

With 60% of customers having higher expectations of their digital experience than before Covid-19, brands must provide unified interactions across all channels.

For example, by integrating these three solutions, brands can effortlessly transition from a first visit to a purchase and incentivize the next one—the ultimate CRM marketing goal.

  • Using Attentive, marketers can grow their email list by offering special promotions to encourage new visitors to provide their email addresses and then sync those emails in realtime into Optimove.
  • Using Optimove, an automatic email can be triggered to customers after their initial signup with an offer to be redeemed during their first purchase. This email can be the first of several in a welcome series, with Optimove syncing each customer’s profile at every step of the way with Dynamic Yield.
  • Using Dynamic Yield, teams can ensure that messages and promotions shown in Optimove emails match those displayed onsite. For example, brands can serve personalized banners on their websites based on each customers’ position in the welcome series to incentivize a second purchase.

Similarly, brands can seamlessly orchestrate multichannel journeys with hyper-specific audiences and objectives.

  • Using Optimove, marketers can create micro-segments such as high-value Active customers who have stopped engaging with emails and have a high predicted potential to churn to prevent said churn.
  • Using Attentive, teams can leverage the Optimove segments to send personalized SMS messages with special retention promotions to re-engage these valuable customers.
  • Using Dynamic Yield, teams can track user behavior onsite, such as high or low engagement, and leverage Optimove’s segments to automatically serve the best variation for each customer.

Is your martech ecosystem ready to personalize at scale?

With Optimove, Attentive, and Dynamic Yield, brands have the foundations of a successful best-of-breed marketing tech that facilitates customer retention and lifetime value maximization.

Together these solutions power personalized and unified journeys across all channels, from mobile messages to website visits, and beyond.

For additional use cases enabled by these integrations click here or contact us.

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Rony Vexelman

Rony Vexelman is Optimove’s VP of Marketing. Rony leads Optimove’s marketing strategy across regions and industries. Previously, Rony was Optimove's Director of Product Marketing leading product releases, customer marketing efforts and analyst relations. Rony holds a BA in Business Administration and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.