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2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Patterns – What should you Expect?

As mega-events go, you just can’t beat the FIFA World Cup. With national leagues worldwide halting for a month and billions watching and betting on their favorites, you can bet on standard patterns changing significantly. What should you plan for? We dove into the data

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The FIFA World Cup is probably the most significant event on the globe. It’s a unique event in many aspects, a celebration of the most popular sport on the planet that even non-fans in regular times can’t ignore. It’s only natural to assume betting patterns would change too, and you know what? We’d be surprised if they didn’t. So we jumped in to check, looking particularly at the latest big tournament, Euro 2021, and guess what? We assumed correctly.

Betting patterns change during big events. Understanding these behavioral changes can significantly impact your 2022 World Cup marketing plan and, as on the pitch, with the right game plan, you can win big. And you know us; we want you to succeed, so not only did we crunch the numbers, but we also put them in a nice infographic. You’re welcome!

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