Hypertargeted Marketing

The Holy Grail of personalized marketing is the ability to deliver highly-segmented, behavior-triggered customer messaging at the exact moment of greatest impact… Now!

Intelligently interact with your customers, when they’re on your site/app, in realtime. Optimove Realtime uses predictive segmentation and realtime activity data to activate marketing-configured triggers, managed within your overall customer marketing plan.

Behavior-based Customer Targeting

Optimove Realtime empowers marketers to interact with customers when they’re on your site/app, in realtime. The technology allows you to define any combination of customer–activities that will trigger a message, for every customer segment. Once the triggers are defined, Optimove Realtime instantly detects them and sends the relevant interaction, via single or multiple selected channels.

Built for Marketers

Optimove empowers you, the marketer, to instantly define and deploy triggers using any combination of events, with no development resources or technical knowledge required.

A Single Unified Interface

Within one marketing calendar, manage all the pre-scheduled and realtime campaigns that will thrill your customers throughout their unique customer journey, mitigate bad experiences, while creating fierce brand loyalty.

Optimove’s Technology Suite

A unique combination of technologies which enables marketers the delivery
of highly-effective personalized customer marketing campigns

Predictive Customer

Campaign Automation



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