Customer Modeling

The key to successful one-to-one marketing is the ability to thoroughly understand your customers and what makes each one unique. It all starts with data and how it’s engineered.

Predictive Marketing Software

Optimove’s predictive marketing software allows you to tailor your messaging and offers to individual customer personas, fostering both improved short-term engagement and greater long-term brand loyalty. Optimove’s predictive marketing engine applies mathematical and statistical models to transactional, behavioral and demographic data in order to predict future customer behavior and value. Customers with similar expressed or implied characteristics and preferences are grouped into dynamic micro-segments, which form the building blocks of your customer marketing campaigns.

Marketing Data Hub

The Optimove Model reflects your distinct operation’s business DNA and unique customer data. It integrates data from three live sources: first-party raw data, on-site/in-app user behavior and Optimove campaign response data. This consolidated data is spliced into a 360° Single Customer View, accessible to you in the form of a marketer’s data hub.

Discover & Predict

Optimove’s rich discovery capabilities give you access to precise and multifaceted segmentation, including lifecycle stages, customer personas and micro-segments. Its proprietary Predictive Micro-segmentation allows you to discover the present characteristics of your users and predict their future behavior, including conversion rates, churn propensity, reactivation rates and future value. These insights empower you to deliver optimal engagement strategies and well-crafted marketing campaigns.

Deeper Insights

Built into the Optimove predictive marketing software are on-demand interactive analytics applications, allowing you to further explore your customer segments. This powerful view into your customer base will help you gain deeper understanding and insight into the behavior of your customers, their wants and needs – and how you can cater to them the right message at the right time.

Optimove’s Technology Suite

A unique combination of technologies which enables marketers the delivery
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