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We Keep Making Multichannel Marketing Campaign Orchestration Easier

Optimove and Attentive announce an integration that allows clients to seamlessly orchestrate multichannel marketing campaigns through a single, intuitive interface

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Optimove and Attentive are pleased to announce the integration of leading SMS and relationship marketing platforms that allows joint clients to present customers with a fully aligned, personalized experience.

Today’s customers expect brands to provide personalized experiences across all touchpoints. Sending conflicting messages through different channels or misaligned offers due to a lack of unified customer profiles can hurt a brand’s reputation.

This integrated partnership aims to solve this exact problem. By using Attentive, the most comprehensive personalized text messaging solution, together with Optimove’s smart orchestration capabilities, you can ensure that your customers receive the most optimal messages across channels.

In addition to multichannel orchestration, this integration also allows for the realtime transfer of email data collected via Attentive to Optimove. It provides marketers with the ability to grow cross-channel subscriber lists all touchpoints smoothly while ensuring that multichannel communications remain aligned and on-brand.

“Optimove continuously helps us deliver the most adequate message to each of our customers. Seamlessly orchestrating cross-channel communications has been key to allowing us to provide our customers with outstanding experiences and personalization,” said Aslihan Danisman, Senior Marketing Director at Paul Stuart, a joint client of Optimove and Attentive.

This Joint Solution Allows Marketers To:

·      Rapidly Scale Email Subscribers – With Attentive’s text messaging sign-up tools, you can quickly improve overall cross-channel match rates and leverage newly captured emails to trigger realtime communications via Optimove. For example, send a welcome message or sign-up offer.

·      Access 360° View of Every Customer in Realtime – Gain access directly within Optimove to always-up-to-date, unified customer profiles that combine data from list-growth tools like Attentive. Data from your CRM, service cloud, data warehouse, POS, and other tools will also be available for you to access directly in Optimove.

With the ability to easily access all available customer data, you can develop highly granular segments and fuel personalization tags within Attentive text message campaigns.

·      Orchestrate Multichannel Marketing Campaigns – By sending Attentive campaigns using Attentive’s smart sending feature aligned with Optimove’s smart orchestration capabilities, all your marketing channels will be in sync.

In other words, you could easily avoid campaign crossfire by prioritizing campaigns and excluding chosen customers from them across all channels. 

And more.

Let Allison Kelly, Head of Growth Strategy at Attentive, conclude the partnership:
“We are pleased to bring this integrated partnership to the market with our partner Optimove. There’s more to come – and we believe our mutual customers will be very excited about the investments that we are making to truly be better together.”

Want to learn more about how your brand can take advantage of this joint solution? Give us a shout!

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Yuval Shefler

Yuval, Optimove VP Business Development since early 2020, joined Optimove when it purchased Axonite, the company he founded back in late 2014. Yuval, who holds a Bsc. in Industrial Engineering & Management from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Ben Gurion University, is an experienced entrepreneur. He's also a former naval captain.