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OptiTrack: Another Step Towards Perfecting Personalization

Optimove already does an awesome job at customer targeting and campaign personalization, based on the extensive data available in the typical online company’s customer database. However, we are always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns our software automates. So I am pleased to announce the next step of Optimove’s evolution: Optitrack.

In short, Optitrack is an end-to-end system for tracking the activity of individual customers on websites and in mobile apps, and associating it with their existing database-stored behavioral records. Including this additional customer behavior data significantly enhances the scope of Optimove’s customer segmentation, personalized targeting effectiveness, and realtime capabilities.


For businesses that do not already capture and store granular website or app tracking data for individual customers in their data warehouses, adding this extra data dimension can provide valuable additional insight into customer behavior.

By adding a small code snippet to a website or mobile app, the Optimove customer intelligence software is enhanced with an important additional source of customer segmentation and targeting data. This provides marketers with even more sophisticated ways of matching particular campaigns to the specific customers who are most likely to favorably respond.

Furthermore, customer activity in a website or app can be used to activate realtime campaign triggers that can deliver super-personalized offers based on combinations of behavior patterns, recent transactions and current website activity. This is a huge step forward towards perfecting personalized customer marketing.


Every additional customer-related data point allows Optimove to better:

  • segment customers
  • predict future behavior
  • estimate future value
  • personalize marketing campaigns

Furthermore, Optimove’s Optitrack serves as an initial building block in a broader realtime targeting system: marketing messages can be delivered to customers via website banners/pop-ups or in-app messages, as well as emails, SMS messages, etc., during the customer’s current website/app session. Stay tuned to hear more about this very exciting part of the Optimove vision, coming soon!

How it Works

A small code snippet is added to a website’s HTML or within an app, allowing Optimove to capture detailed activity metrics of relevance to marketers, e.g., extensive time spent in a particular product category or game area, interacted with particular site/app features, added items to shopping cart. This realtime data enhances the other types of customer behavior and demographic data used by Optimove to track, segment and target customers.

For customers who are logged in during their session, Optitrack data will be immediately incorporated into all other available data for those customers. Optitrack data for customers who are not logged in (or who have not even registered yet) will still be correlated with their actual user IDs. In the case of a customer who only registers later, the correlation will occur upon registration so that the earlier Optitrack data will become immediately available for the newly registered customer!

Sample Uses

  • Marketers can now create target groups based on a customer’s product category interests (“shopping affinities”), even though the customer never actually purchased products from those categories in the store. This is accomplished by isolating customers who visited many webpages in a particular product category and/or spent a long time on those pages.
  • Marketers can identify potentially valuable customer groups based on correlations between what customers actually purchased versus what products they browsed.
  • Marketers can identify potentially valuable target groups based on particular flows they navigated through a website or app when correlated with other customers who navigated through similar flows and had different purchase patterns.
  • Marketers can target campaigns to “churn” customers (e.g., customers who haven’t made a purchase for more than six months) who just yesterday browsed the website for a particular product or product category.
  • Marketers can identify “hesitant shoppers” by isolating customers who added items to their shopping cart and returned to the shopping cart numerous times and/or added and removed items and/or spent a long time on the shopping cart page without checking out.
  • Marketers can pop-up messages in realtime to shoppers while still on a website or in an app, based on their current (and past) website/app activity.

Optitrack is another important step towards the Holy Grail of 100% personalized customer marketing. If you’re interested in giving it a spin yourself, drop us a line!

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