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How Scientific Games Improved New Player Funnel Conversion by 33%

A powerful CRM Platform such as Optimove can help marketing teams improve performance during all customer journey stages. Here's how a major gaming provider optimized major KPIs in its New Player funnels

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You might have heard it before, and if you did, then most chances it was right here on, but! Some people like to say that “All Marketing is Relationship Marketing.” Yes, they do say it with each word’s first letter being a capital one.

And what can we say? These people get it. Even the earliest touchpoints of a brand with its target audience and intended prospects – such as branding and highway billboard signs – will impact the kind of relationship a customer will develop with the brand. In many ways, it’s setting expectations just like the first impression you get of someone else does.

We at Optimove are fully aware of that reality. This is why clients use our robust CRM Marketing platform not only to scale their personalization, grow from tens to hundreds of customer segments, and increase Customer Lifetime Value by 33%, sometimes even more – but to also help and improve campaigns and funnels that come much earlier in the prospect/customer journey.

One example is when brands use Optimove’s industry-leading segmentation and predictive analytics capabilities to even improve their acquisition efforts on Facebook. But, on that, we’ll tell you another time.

Now we want to tell you about how a major client-partner of ours, Scientific Games, used Optimove to optimize its all-important post-acquisition, pre-deposit, New Player journey.

The Challenge

Increasing Verified New Players

Reducing the New Players funnel’s abandonment rate

And reducing new players’ verification failure

The How (in 3 main steps)

1- Segmentation

First, the team mapped out three possible journeys:

  • New Player – Verified
  • New Player – Abandoned
  • New Player – Verification failure

Using Optimove’s large-scale automation, the Growth Marketing team managed to focus on building granular segments – each representing a milestone on the way to player verification and game achievement – and automatically communicate with each player, addressing each step in their conversion funnel.

They did that by using the platform’s automatic analysis of players’ most recent behavior, which helped them execute hyper-segmented campaigns and provide each player with custom and highly targeted messaging.

“Optimove helped us achieve mass personalized player communications. We can now single out what the player experiences and communicate the right message to the right player, via the right channel, at the right time. This alone is a game-changer for CRM marketers.”, said a senior marketing specialist from SG at the 2021 CRMC Conference.

2- Scaling Experimentation

Optimove’s A/B campaigns, Self Optimizing Campaigns, and Stream testing capabilities to measure and show the impact of each campaign and player’s journey allowed the client to quickly uncover and target the most relevant segments with campaigns that drive business impact.

3- Leveraging AI for Self-Optimization

Optimove’s AI capabilities, such as Self-Optimizing Journeys and Optibot, allowed them to optimize their CRM strategy while continuously improving revenue and retention metrics. Eventually, the team was able to measure and quantify the revenue uplift they saw across their programs.

“As a department head, I love Optibot!,” told us Merv Huber-Calvo, Sr. Director, Growth Marketing at Scientific Games, “Looking at the insights that the AI functionality surfaces, seeing what works, what doesn’t work, what can be optimized, or how we compare against pure programs within the iGaming industry, is truly amazing.”

The Results

When it was all said and done, as you can see below, the client achieved – and presented – a significant improvement in all intended goals.

  • Reduced churn by 14.16%
  • Increased Verified New Players by 33%
  • Decreased Players Verification Failure by 20%

We call that a “win.”

Here is how Mr. Huber-Calvo describes the entire experience of working with Optimove:

Want to win, too? You know what to do.

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Rony Vexelman

Rony Vexelman is Optimove’s VP of Marketing. Rony leads Optimove’s marketing strategy across regions and industries. Previously, Rony was Optimove's Director of Product Marketing leading product releases, customer marketing efforts and analyst relations. Rony holds a BA in Business Administration and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.