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How a Smart Realtime Popup Solves a Common Issue for Gaming Operators

An operator hosting games from 3rd party content providers can now execute a smart, triggered campaign using historic player behavior in realtime across all games. This is how

We all want to be able to send the right message, to the right player, at the right time, and through the right channel. At Optimove, we are making this an everyday reality for our clients.

And if a challenge comes along that requires a bit of technical creativity, well, it just makes it all the more fun at the end – when the CRM team can show true uplift thanks to these efforts.

The Challenge

One of our clients, a prominent gaming operator, has a deep understanding of just how important it is to be both quick and on time when communicating with players. The way they embrace the smart-CRM approach we at Optimove champion, makes them a prime, natural user of our real-time capabilities.

It’s the kind of gaming operator that serves its players with multiple games – using a webapp to host 3rd party games from content platforms. This is a common use case in the gaming industry. But it also raises a common challenge.

Because, on the one hand, it’s clear that in order to provide the ultimate service and experience, a Java Script should be in place. But, on the other hand, embedding such a JS in all those content platforms introduces a greater level of complexity.

And so, when it was time to plan and execute an ultra-personalized communication – triggering a campaign based on balance drop – we had to approach it differently.

Technical Walkthrough

The client recently introduced an intelligent in-web app pop-up capability and wanted to trigger their shiny new pop-up with an especially relevant communication – offering players whose balance drops under a certain threshold a discount of 30% on their next deposit.

So here, to make this work with no SDK in place, the “Balance” value for each end-customer had to be sent to Optimove as a real-time server-side event – and by using a custom-made API, we had a smooth workaround.

This way, the client’s listener can receive the relevant pop-up template (the entire campaign in HTML) directly from Optimove – since we also host their templates in our template builder. And so, when the player’s Bet Factor value drops below the determined threshold – the right campaign is triggered.

And if you’re wondering what Bet Factor is, then we can tell you it’s an Optimove proprietary formula that leverages remaining balance and historical behavior data to determine – among other things – the right time to send an offer to each player.

For example, a player that typically wagers $10 a day will see the pop-up when the balance is at $30 (three more wagers left), and a player that wagers $20 a day will see the pop-up at balance of $60 (again, three more wagers left).

In other words, the balance value (the base of the BetFactor formula) is used by the client to support additional engagement points, and to create one campaign for when the balance/Bet Factor is under X and another campaign for when the balance/BF is under Y.

Essentially, the Bet Factor is used to create smart sub-segments/target-groups, which is a very Optimovie, science-first way to go about it.

Additional Smarts

And that’s not all. Another special-sauce technique that is super useful here comes from the way Optimove approaches A/B tests.

As opposed to the widely prevalent “winner takes all” AB test method, Optimove serves the adequate offer to each customer sub-segment for as long as the real-time campaign is active.

In this case, the client A/B tested different offers to identify the ones that work best within each segment for each specific player.


It’s About (Real) Time

Optimove’s real-time capabilities allow CRM managers to leverage player activity data to communicate the right messages to the right player at the right time – in the right channel. In this case, it provided the client with the ability to activate their new shiny pop-up on their gaming platform in an ultra-personalized way.

Were you wondering about other use-cases for those real-time capabilities? You can (a) capture and record on-site and in-app activity of individual players to enrich your player segmentation model. (b) Predict visitor future value by combining activity data with Optimove’s predictive customer modeling. And (c) leverage Optimove’s advanced micro-segmentation capabilities to hyper-personalized real-time player marketing campaigns.

Today, interacting with your customers at the right time is a must; being smart about it is an advantage. Optimove just completed the acquisition of Axonite, a real-time event streaming technology, to enhance these capabilities precisely. The example brought here just a drop in an ocean of options. To learn more, drop us a line. Because time IS money, after all.

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