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A Learning Experience Fit For Optimove Royalty

Our completely revamped Optimove Academy is the latest step in an effort to give our clients and users a holistic experience, from using the product to learning about it

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Today, we at Optimove are excited to launch the new Optimove Academy – your knowledge center for everything Optimove related.

While the Academy was always full of great content, over the years, it became clear it needed a more suitable home – better, smoother experience, nicer looks, easier exploration of the abundance of content it offers.

We wanted to create a truly intuitive experience that reduces friction and helps our customers reach their goals as quickly as possible. And so, right off the bat, we knew what our main goal was – to improve the experience in a way that impacts our customers’ success. We started by narrowing down on what the exact issues were:

Language – the old version just didn’t speak the Optimove lingo. It wasn’t a good representation of the brand, the product, and the concepts we are based on. 

Flexibility – The content was housed on an old website, and it was hard to edit and add new articles. We needed a better tool that would help us bring more value.

Ease of Use – Internally, we kept getting feedback on how hard it was to navigate the Academy. Articles were long, you couldn’t easily search for articles, and the experience was overwhelming, bringing us to the last point below.

Structure – Optimove is a product that comes with a unique philosophy. It is built on core building blocks that we want our users to understand. The Academy did not have a way to clearly browse the topics that make Optimove unique. It was not easy to identify what customers should be focused on in their learning experience.

And now, after months of dedication, we’re delighted to say we checked all these boxes – and that the new Academy is ready. And awesome!

How Did We Do It?

Language – We have taken the time to unify all content to fit the updated product language. We updated videos and added screenshots to complement product changes and updates. In terms of visual language, we created a fresh new look for the Academy that’s in line with the Optimove brand. 

Flexibility – We migrated the entire Academy to a new backend that enables us to create new content easily – so, users, expect often updates! 

Ease of Use – Our new search tool allows you to find what you’re looking for effortlessly. It also allows us to optimize content and results based on popular or unanswered search queries.

Additionally, new content blocks and widgets provide a more readable and intuitive learning experience, allowing us to organize content into smaller bits that are easier to understand. The new navigation will make sure that you can always orient yourself and quickly find your way throughout the Academy.

Structure – We reorganized the Academy and split it into 15 content categories, each representing one of Optimove’s building blocks. This new hierarchy gives users a better idea of Optimove’s core philosophy and capabilities. Just by going through the categories, you can learn a lot about what Optimove has to offer and which parts of Optimove you have yet to master.

Happy Learning!

Building a great product is not only about features. It is also about enabling these features, helping customers reach their goals, and encouraging creativity with use cases and ideas. We need to always make sure clients have a great experience when they learn something new, so they can make the most out of our product.

Actively asking for feedback throughout the process helped me not only get new ideas and structure the content better – but it was also helpful in communicating the project as it created hype without too much effort.😉

The goal was always clear – to improve the Academy experience in a way that impacts our customers’ success. I’m proud to say that the modernized version is doing just that.

Enjoy the new Academy, and feel free to reach out for feedback!

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Dani Amitay

As a Product Marketing Manager at Optimove, Dani's focus is on product adoption and retention among existing customers. She has a rich background at the intersection of product and marketing, leveraging both to create sustainable growth. And if you’re ever traveling to Tel Aviv and need any advice on the trendiest yummy spots, send her a message on Instagram.