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Shira Goren Sterner

Product Marketing Manager

Shira Goren Sterner
Shira has half a dozen years of experience in retention marketing, starting as a Customer Success Manager, using diverse methods across different verticals to scale her clients’ marketing efforts and measure their constant progression. Moving on to the role of Product Marketing Manager, where she puts forward her extensive knowledge of planning and developing marketing strategies on a daily basis. Shira holds an LLB and a BA in Business Administration, Finance and Risk Management.

Drive Engagement and Improve Customer Experience: Fathoming Contextual Marketing

Posted by on 11 April 2019

Getting your customers more engaged is the main mission for all marketers out there. Learn the crucial elements your marketing operations should have to deliver on the contextual marketing promise

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Time to Let Your Customer Go: How to Master Cost-effectiveness

Posted by on 30 August 2018

Sometimes, giving up on a customer is the smart way to go, as it’s more beneficial than continuing to push through and witness rising costs. Learn what to consider before saying goodbye and good luck

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