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B2C Marketing (Definition)

Business to Customer or Consumer is the term used to describe companies marketing directly to customers.

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What is B2C Marketing?

B2C Marketing (Business to Customer, or Business to Consumer) is a term used to describe a business model in which a company or a brand markets directly to individual consumers. In contrast to B2B (Business to Business), B2C marketing is often more focused on generating an emotional response among the target audience, as opposed to simply demonstrating value.

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The Leading B2C Marketing Automation Software

Optimove is the world’s leading B2C Relationship Marketing Hub, combining the most advanced customer engagement technologies with an automated customer marketing orchestration platform. In a nutshell, Optimove helps B2C marketers implement a systematic approach to planning, executing, measuring and optimizing a complete, highly personalized customer marketing plan. The result is maximized customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of expertise do I need to use Optimove?

Optimove was designed for use by marketers and retention experts at customer-centric businesses. While experienced analysts will appreciate the power and advanced functionality that Optimove offers, the software was designed primarily for business users.

The challenge with non-paying users (e.g., registered visitors, subscribers, free-trial customers), of course, is to communicate with them effectively (e.g., sending them a relevant/attractive offer or incentive) that will result in them converting to paying customers. Optimove combines the science of data and the art of marketing to help marketers deliver personalized, realtime, multi-channel customer interactions that are uniquely effective at converting non-paying users to paying customers, and at retaining customers over the long term. This same suite of technologies also enables marketers to maximize every metric across the customer lifecycle: customer engagement, loyalty and lifetime value.

Optimove helps marketers select the best marketing actions for each group of customers to maximize the transaction frequency and amount of money they spend. Optimove does this by helping marketers systematically optimize the match between customer micro-segment and marketing action. Part of this is predicting which marketing actions are most likely to “bump” regular customers into “big spender” customer groups. And because Optimove focuses on maximizing customer lifetime value (or any other business KPI selected by markteres), the software will avoid recommending actions for short-term gain at the expense of longer-term value building.

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