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AI Bot

Optibot, Optimove’s built-in marketing optimization bot, reduces the complexity of large scale marketing operations. By combing through customer and campaign data, Optibot discovers performance-boosting opportunities, helping marketers maximize the impact of their efforts.


A self-optimizing campaign is an advanced A/B/n campaign that automatically serves the best treatment to each individual customer. Optimove’s algorithm tracks how competing actions perform over time, and uses this data to gradually adjust for maximum uplift. This results in each customer receiving the treatment to which they are most likely to respond, always.


Optibot autonomously transforms customer and campaign data into valuable insights, enabling you to continuously optimize your relationship marketing activities. The first-ever marketing optimization bot uses machine learning and AI to automate the analysis and interpretation of marketing campaigns and to recommend one-click actionable insights that significantly increase campaign effectiveness.

Optibot provides actionable recommendations, such as dropping under-performing campaigns, switching regular campaigns into self-optimizing campaigns, focusing segments to better cater to customers’ response, identifying customers that are under- or over-exposed to CRM communications, and many more.

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