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Optibot, Optimove’s built-in marketing optimization bot, bridges the gap between data science and the art of marketing. By autonomously optimizing campaign performance and discovering performance-boosting opportunities hiding in the data, Optibot helps marketers maximize the impact of their efforts.


A self-optimizing campaign is a recurring campaign series that is automatically optimized over time. Optimove’s algorithm tracks how competing actions perform for each micro-segment within the campaign’s target group and uses this data to gradually adjust the cluster-action mix for maximum uplift. This results in each customer receiving the campaign to which they are most likely to respond every time.


Optibot autonomously transforms customer and campaign performance data into valuable insights, enabling you to continuously optimize your relationship marketing activities. The first-ever marketing optimization bot uses machine learning and other AI techniques to automate the analysis and interpretation of marketing campaign performance and to recommend one-click actionable insights that significantly increase campaign effectiveness over time.

Optibot provides one-click recommendations, such as dropping under-performing actions, switching regular campaigns into self-optimizing campaigns that automatically determine the ideal customer mix for each action, focusing target groups to better cater to under-performing segments, treating customers that are not receiving enough treatment, recommending campaigns to which adding a control group is advisable in order to measure the exact campaign impact, and many more.

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