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STS leverages Optimove’s CRM Marketing Platform to easily discover customer insights, maximize personalization efforts, and leverage AI to orchestrate CRM Marketing, at scale.

About STS

The STS Gaming Group is a leading gaming company in Central and Eastern Europe. The portfolio of the Group includes sportsbook, virtual sports, casino, live casino, and a wide range of esports betting services. The Group employs over 1500 employees and has over 400 betting shops in Poland.

What STS Says About Optimove

“The ability of Optimove’s AI to identify the best journey for each individual player has led to a significant increase in player retention. That is why we trust Optimove’s AI with making the best decision for each customer on 98% of our campaigns.”
— Jagoda Szmiłyk, CRM Manager, STS Gaming Group

Benefits by the Numbers

By adopting Optimove’s CRM Marketing Hub. STS has observed significant improvements in key metrics, including:

  • Maximized personalization with 83% of segments containing less than 0.4% of customers in their database
  • Scaled the number of campaigns, reaching an average of 455 monthly messages
  • Attained a Live Customer monthly communication ratio above 90%