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Where are You on the CRM Manager’s Evolution Curve?

Are you still treading your feet in the segmentation waters, or perhaps already enjoying the fruits of AI-based orchestration? Locate yourself, and your team – and learn where you need to go (Whitepaper)

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In biology, evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection.

In marketing, it‘s the improvement in the skills and tools of a marketer over several years and relies on – well, too – the process of natural selection. As in, if you are not keeping up with the program, you will get left behind.

In other words, “the competitive world in which we live requires us to improve our performance continuously. Whether you are a basketball player or a CRM manager, you constantly improve your craft. The basketball player might focus on her shot, passing, and defense, while also looking at the equipment that will provide her the best advantage. Similarly, CRM managers focus on their segmentation, execution, and analysis practices, while taking a deep look into the technology they require to be the best at their job.”

And much like in biology or the WNBA, there are no shortcuts to superstardom in the world of CRM either.

What does that evolution look like? And what defines each step in the process? Based on years of experience working with thousands of CRM managers from various industries and all across the globe – we have broken down, dissected, reverse-engineered, and built it back up.

Now it is presented to you in 5 levels, and a cheat-sheet-like kind of table – here’s a glimpse of it:

(there are 4 more levels to go)

We put it all in a whitepaper that will allow you to quickly locate yourself on this evolution curve, see where you are, and immediately understand where you need to progress towards to survive the cruel natural selection of the CRM savanna.

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