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SKS365 Partners With Optimove to Ace Realtime CRM Marketing

The fastest-growing gaming operator in Italy SKS365 has partnered with Optimove to turn CRM Marketing into a significant business growth engine

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Optimove, the gaming industry’s leading CRM Marketing Hub, is proud to announce has partnered with SKS365, a leading multi-licensed international bookmaker and gaming operator. This strategic investment in CRM is a significant part of an enterprise-wide digital transformation SKS365 is undergoing.

SKS365 will leverage Optimove’s solution to create, orchestrate, measure, and optimize CRM journeys for millions of registered players, including those of its flagship brand, Planetwin365. Not only one of the fastest-growing sports betting portals in Europe, Planetwin365, is also the number one sports bookmaker in Italy.

Optimove will empower SKS365 Group to transform its CRM Marketing operations into a growth driver by allowing them to:

  • Access a comprehensive 360-degree single customer view composed of player data consolidated from various sources and enriched with predictive analytics.
  • Create sophisticated player segments by discovering customer insights using various data explorers and dashboards.
  • Orchestrate Realtime and Scheduled marketing interactions for these segments across any native or integrated channel.
  • Measure the incremental value of each marketing campaign to test, learn, and scale CRM strategies.

Optimove’s journey-mapping AI algorithm will help SKS365 maximize player lifetime value by autonomously identifying all the campaigns a player is eligible for, evaluating all journey possibilities, probabilities and potential gains, and serving the next-best-action for each one.

“Optimove will be a key enabler of SKS365’s strategy to make CRM a growth driver of the business,” said Troy Cox, Chief Commercial Officer at SKS365. “2020 has provided many challenges, but also created unique opportunities to take stock and look at ways of future-proofing our business. With Optimove, we know we have a partner that can catapult our CRM strategy, and we are very excited about the prospect of working with them.”

“We look forward to working closely with the team at SKS365 and taking part in transforming their CRM marketing into a strong revenue generation engine,” said Pini Yakuel, CEO and Founder of Optimove. “We are now privileged to work with 3 of the 5 leading operators in Italy and are confident in our ability to become a strategic contributor to SKS365’ impressive growth and massive success.”

About SKS365 Group

SKS365 Group is an authorized sports betting and gaming operator, one among the Italian betting market leaders, where it operates under the Planetwin365 brand.

The passion for sports, driven by principles of transparency and security with the goal of creating value for the Entertainment industry, are all elements that SKS365 offers its clients to develop the gaming experience further and expand business opportunities for all commercial partners.

Through the Planetwin365 brand, SKS365 offers a unique and diversified gaming experience both online – via the website – and offline, through a retail network of about 1000 shops all around the Italian territory.

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