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Web & Mobile Personalization

Personalization platform for websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing channels

Optimove’s Mobile & Web Personalization capabilities allow marketers to deliver relevant and in-the-moment content recommendations on their website, app, and marketing channels.

With over 20 “white-box” Machine Learning models to choose from, Optimove’s clients can deliver exceptional, personalized experiences in real-time, resulting in faster time to conversion and higher customer lifetime value.



  • Deliver a personalized experience from the first moment a visitor interacts with your website or app
  • Choose your preferred recommendation model from 20 sophisticated Machine Learning models, including: Similar Items, Popular Near You, Trending, and Recently Played
  • Be in full control of how recommendations are displayed on your digital assets: customize layouts and placements to fully maximize personalized content
  • Deliver recommendations across all touchpoints without the need to alter your core CMS
  • Provide symmetric messaging by personalizing recommendations across email, mobile, and digital ads, while ensuring customers see the same content when clicking through to your website and app
  • Serve smart, personalized search results based on multi-variables, autocorrection, and spelling mistakes

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