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Capture realtime customer and visitor activity in websites and apps in order to enrich customer segmentation, and to deliver highly personalized messaging in immediate response to user activity.

Track & Trigger adds an extensive set of realtime tracking, targeting and messaging capabilities to Optimove’s core relationship marketing hub. By turning raw activity inputs into actionable data, Track & Trigger enables marketers to capture and record the on-site and in-app activity of individual users in realtime (both known customers and unregistered visitors); to serve personalized realtime messages that are immediately triggered by specific user behavior, as defined by marketers in the Optimove user interface (no IT required); to target users and personalize their messaging based on their activity; and to answer business questions and analyze customer behavior.


Track & Trigger helps marketers increase conversions, improve long-term customer loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value, by providing:

  • Higher-resolution customer segmentation and campaign personalization
  • Unlimited event tracking and cross-device/cross-platform tracking in Web and native mobile
  • Marketing-defined user-activity campaign triggers with no coding or IT resources required
  • Multiple realtime execution channels, including website pop-ups, immediate emails and any other available execution system via Optimove’s Realtime API
  • Comprehensive response tracking and analysis, including automatic test and control group allocation, and A/B/n test campaigns

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