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Power every aspect of preparing, delivering and optimizing hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns, in a feature-rich platform, seamlessly integrated within Optimove.

Optimail is Optimove’s native email personalization and delivery platform, powering all aspects of preparing, delivering and tracking hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns.

Seamlessly integrated within Optimove, Optimail offers marketers a rich email platform especially designed for personalized customer marketing. Optimail’s advanced feature set includes a visual template editor, true cross-client preview, personalization tags linked to any database field, conditional template customization, delivery validation and testing, multi-brand email management, personalized realtime campaigns, and automatic product recommendation, replenishment reminder, and transactional/confirmation emails.


Optimail integrates the most advanced customer email platform available with the world’s leading customer relationship management hub, delivering:

  • Increased email relevance through unparalleled email personalization and customer hyper-targeting that leverages all available Optimove data and insights (customer database, customer model, activity tracking, predictive analytics, AI recommendations, etc.)
  • Increase sales, customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value, using Optimail’s automatic product recommendation emails, automatic replenishment reminder emails and dynamic template content (including data-driven permutations and per-recipient text/image content customization using conditional if/then/else clauses)
  • High deliverability through the combination of first-rate technology and a specialized deliverability support team
  • Response metrics, including opens, clicks, time spent in email and monetary uplift, reported and utilized as customer targeting criteria across all channels
  • No integrations or external services required – Optimail is an integral part of Optimove

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