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The Leading Relationship
Marketing Solution for
Brands and Apps

Competition over the customer has become fierce, and consumers are becoming ever-more sophisticated. Brands must invest in building strong relationships with their customers in order to thrive in today’s business environment.

When you have deep understanding of each customer and deliver the most effective message every time, you will dramatically increase customer loyalty and maximize lifetime value.

  • Optimove integrates all of your data from every source in order to democratize access to every single customer data point in one centralized location, so that you can own your data.
  • Continuously get insights on where there is unharnessed customer value and act on it immediately.
  • Use predictive modeling to forecast how your customers are going to spend or churn and also what is actually driving their specific behavior.
  • Manage dynamic customer journeys across all available marketing channels simultaneously.
  • Understand the true business value of your entire customer marketing plan and each individual campaign, in terms of actual incremental uplift.
  • Continuously and autonomously optimize your marketing campaigns to drive ever-better marketing results.

“In the current Attention Deficit Disorder generation, CRM marketers need to connect with individual customers in the right way, in realtime. Doing so requires a very, very good data warehouse and some very smart execution capabilities. This is exactly what Optimove delivers.”

Golan Shaked

Chief Commercial Officer, Deezer

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