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Using Optimove, IDT’s marketers now launch new personalized campaigns within minutes or hours, instead of days. They can now see the accurate uplift of each campaign within 2-3 days, instead of waiting weeks to obtain a one-time analysis.

About IDT

IDT is a telecommunications and financial services business, with both wholesale and retail divisions that operate on a global scale. The company is a global top-ten telecommunications provider, in terms of international minutes routed. Founded in 1990, IDT’s 1,300 employees can now be found on every continent, except for Antarctica!

What IDT Says About Optimove

“Optimove has really excelled for us in terms of scope, scale and velocity. We are very happy with the level of service and responsiveness from Optimove. The reality is that we really wouldn’t be able to run our business without something like Optimove.” — Charles Thibault, Vice President, Analytics at IDT Corporation

Benefits by the Numbers

Over the past two years, IDT has achieved major improvements in their KPIs using Optimove, including:

  • 50% increase in the number of customers purchasing new services
  • 17% increase in the lifetime value of active customers
  • More than 200 new campaigns launched into production per year