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Using Optimove, DimeCuba’s marketers have grown their marketing experimentation in a very intuitive way being able to rapidly test hypothesis and receive feedback to optimize their CRM marketing strategies

About DimeCuba

Founded in 2013, DimeCuba is a company focused on satisfying the needs of Cuban nationals worldwide. Today, DimeCuba offers multiple products including telecommunications, travel, and shipping services that facilitate the communications of Cuban nationals inside and outside of Cuba.

What DimeCuba Says About Optimove

“Optimove empowers us to drive a hyper-personalized marketing strategy. Without it, we would never have over 65% of our segments include less than 500 customers.” — Ana Acosta, Marketing Specialist, DimeCuba

Benefits by the Numbers

By adopting Optimove’s CRM Marketing Hub, DimeCuba has observed significant improvements in key metrics, including:

  • Growing the average customer lifetime value of active customers by 24%
  • Increasing number of weekly campaigns by 231%
  • Increasing customer retention by 23%