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Omer Liss

Director of Strategic Services

Omer Liss
Omer Liss is Optimove's Director of Strategic Services, heading the Strategic Services research team at Optimove, helping leading marketers optimize their customer retention strategy. Omer has vast experience consulting clients, analyzing their customer data and revealing actionable, data-driven marketing insights. Omer holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in Information Systems.

Power Stepping your Way to a Full Marketing Journey: A Quick Guide

Posted by on 2 May 2019

Getting started is sometimes the toughest challenge, but in order to become an elite marketer, you'll need to get over some hurdles: These 4 easy-to-take steps will allow you to slowly but steadily start building a solid CRM machine

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The Product Cross-Sell Challenge: A Story About Three Marketing Managers

Posted by on 7 March 2019

The value of cross-selling in gaming is undisputed. Or is it? A stroll between different marketing managers gives the complete answer as to why it is time to enhance your retention strategy

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All I Want After Christmas: Going Places with December’s Traffic

Posted by on 3 January 2019

The last month of the year always looks good on your books, but what about getting some long-term uplift from it? Optimove’s research shows how big of a mistake it is to have a structured acquisition plan with no retention backup

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Awaited and Expected: Examining the Influence of Black Friday Campaigns

Posted by and on 22 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy holiday shopping season. If your brand really wants to go 'into the black' and have its share of the $11.8bn extravaganza, your campaigns should revamp accordingly. An Optimove research reveals how effective they can be during this time of year

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The Faithful-Eight: 8 Quick Tips for Your Holiday Season Marketing Strategy

Posted by and on 22 November 2018

Reactivate, personalize, look for your VIPs and never sell yourself short. Optimove's marketing experts give you some straight-forward pointers to help turn the holiday season to a fruitful one

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Terms of Endearment: A Fun Look at The WC Quarter Finals Teams’ Branding

Posted by on 5 July 2018

Why did you buy that dress yesterday? Was it a promotion you just couldn’t afford to miss? Did it have to do with the brand’s customer approach? It's the same with choosing a team to root for. In honor of the almost-over World Cup, we took a break to categorize the 8 remaining teams with the lingo all marketers know

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Wisdom of the Crowds: Can We Predict the Outcome of the World Cup?

Posted by on 7 June 2018

What does a 1,200lbs ox have to do with Brazil and Germany's national football teams? A new Optimove research dove deep into the numbers to try to answer the biggest question on the planet these days: Who will lift the 2018 World Cup trophy?

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Keep Your Losers Close but Your Winners Closer

Posted by on 15 March 2018

In the gaming industry, companies tend to focus on players who produce most of the revenue; the biggest losers. A new Optimove research tested what happened on the other side of the scale – the players who won big – and uncovered how important they are

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There’s Much to Learn About Your One-Time Customers

Posted by on 4 January 2018

Customers have repetitive habits and customs. Whether it’s their favorite shopping day, preferred product or chosen spending amount, there’s a lot of data out there that will help you to entice them into that desirable second transaction

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How Many Campaigns are Too Many: That Magic Number

Posted by on 19 October 2017

As they click the ‘send’ button, every marketer wonders – is this the one campaign that will bring back my churned customers, or is this the one that could cause my unsubscribe rates to soar? These 5 steps will help you decide

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Good Ol’ Birthday Campaigns are Great Practice

Posted by on 21 September 2017

Birthday emails are one of the most-common tricks up a marketer’s sleeve. New Optimove research probes just how well they still perform

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Open Rate 101: The Metrics that Can Change Your Email Marketing

Posted by on 14 September 2017

Email marketing KPIs vary widely between customer lifecycle stages. A new Optimove research sets out to disprove a myth

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