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Built for Smart
Marketing Teams

Optimove’s Relationship Marketing Hub leverages AI
to foster emotionally intelligent communications
that maximize the value of every customer.

Understand and impact customer behavior

Drive measurable growth through your existing customers.


Gain direct access to your unified customer data, discover insights and identify customer engagement opportunities


Easily plan, design, and orchestrate cross-channel journeys that are unique to each and every customer


Measure the incremental impact of your campaigns, journeys and strategies on any business KPI


Leverage Optimove’s AI to predict customer behavior and continuously optimize your marketing strategy

The Science-First
Relationship Marketing Hub

With a CDP at its core, Optimove autonomously transforms customer data into actionable insights that power thoughtful customer communication, at scale.

The foundation of effective relationship
marketing is having a deep understanding
of your customers, what drives their
behavior and what they are likely to do next.
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Optimove empowers marketers to plan and
automate hyper-targeted dynamic customer
journeys and multi-channel customer
communications, at scale.
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Optibot bridges the gap between data science and the art of marketing, by serving marketers with actionable insights for the continuous optimization of customer communications.
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Optimove is used by 500+ customer-centric brands

“Optimove has enabled us not only to grow our retention activities exponentially, but its analytical model, along with the reporting offered in the tool, have provided us with unrivaled clarity on the behaviors of our customer base.”
“Like a machine gun for marketing operations.”
“Optimove is highly guaranteed to increase the revenue growth of any organization.”
“Optimove’s approach is oriented to measurable results… it contributed in helping us deliver the very good results we achieved since its implementation.”

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