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Ten thousand hours of experience is what it takes to achieve mastery in a given field. The Optimove Strategic Services Team combines tenfold that number of hours formulating data-driven customer marketing and monetization strategies – and they are now available to power your customer marketing operations.

Case Study

Working with one of the largest European online casinos on its customer onboarding program, the Optimove Strategic Services Team utilized customer data to identify five distinct customer personas and realign the onboarding plan accordingly. Then, the team worked hand in hand with the company’s internal CRM team to craft custom messages for each persona. The new personalized onboarding interactions generated a 30% increase in the new-to-active customer conversion rate.

How it Works

The Strategic Services Team delivers customer-centric, data-driven marketing strategies, customized to your specific objectives and customer engagement goals. Through the use of statistical models, marketing frameworks, competitive landscape reviews and industry best practices, the team will help you maximize customer retention, loyalty and revenues. Offerings include CRM strategy and methodology; customer-centric, data-driven marketing programs; CRM outsourcing; and marketing data science-as-a-service.

Customer onboarding. Churn reduction. Spending stimulation. VIP management. Gamified campaigns. The Strategic Services Team can zoom into any facet of the customer journey to gain a better understanding of your customers and improve how you engage with them. It’s all about building powerful, cross-channel personalized customer engagement programs that inject emotional intelligence into your brand-consumer interactions.

Josselin Petit-Hoang
CRM Marketing Manager,
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Marco Tiso
Online Gaming Business Manager,
Golan Shaked
Chief Commercial Officer,
Albina Kehoe
Head of CRM,
Stitch Fix
Jessica Granata
Director of Digital Marketing & CRM,
Paul Stuart
Nikki Patel
Director of CRM,
Rush Street Interactive
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VP Marketing,
Rich Zapf
Director of Marketing,
Alon Lev
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