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With Optimove, you will discover your customers' needs so that you can create emotionally intelligent communications. The result is that you will win the hearts of your customers and improve every customer metric.

Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Pini Yakuel and I’m the founder and CEO of Optimove. At Optimove, we aim to understand customer behavior.

What keeps us awake at night is, “How do we gather a ton of data on our customers and decipher their true wants and needs?” So based on this understanding, we enable brands to communicate with their customers in an emotionally intelligent manner. That means that every bit of interaction with a customer is highly relevant, is based on the current state of mind of the customer, and the current wants and wishes of that customer specifically.

Discover Your Customers’ Needs

When I think of people with high emotional intelligence, I think of people that are able to think in multiple dimensions. And most importantly, they make other people feel like as if they’re being seen. So, the equivalent of a person kind of like getting the gestures and the cues from other people and being able to respond and behave accordingly is in the data. A brand collects a ton of data on its customers, and these data points become the signals, the gestures, the tones, the intonations, and based on this data, a brand can start communicating with emotional intelligence.

Create Emotionally Intelligent Communications

Once they understand their customers’ data, now what you need is you need the technology that will enable you to kind of like crunch that data, understand behavioral patterns, and translate those behavioral patterns into emotionally intelligent communications, so eventually what you’re going to have is you’re going to have a brand talking to its customers and creating this intimacy again and again and again.

Improve Every Customer Metric

So, when I think about how to deliver on emotionally intelligent communication, I start to think about personalization, which is today something that’s quite popular, and it’s merely a first step. So, personalization would essentially convey a very crude, pixelated picture of your customers. After applying our data science, you’re able to constantly sharpen the image, and that picture eventually becomes a high-definition picture of your customers. And you talk to them at that point, and you’re so precise and so sensitive that your customers will fall in love with you again, and you’re going to build a tremendous relationship with them.

Win the Hearts of Your Customers

We feel our vision is vast, because basically, the central principle of marketing is knowing your customer better and understanding their wants and needs, and once you’re able to do do that, you’re going to win the hearts of your customers in a tremendous way. This could be like a really true X factor for a company to take over the competition and to win its specific marketplace.