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Personalized marketing campaigns will make your retention efforts fly and your revenues soar.

Video Transcript

If you’re a marketer or retention expert at an Internet company, you know how hard it is to constantly convert more nonpaying users into customers, encourage existing customers to spend more and keep customers happily engaged. You’ve got lots of ideas for enticing customers to spend more, all kinds of special offers and free bonuses. That’s not your problem. You see…

Different customers are motivated by different incentives

How can you know which marketing campaign will be most effective for each customer? Even if you’re a real sharp marketer, there are simply too many variables to juggle in your head once.

What you really need is a powerful system to understand each and every customer, and accurately predict how each marketing campaign will impact their behavior. Armed with this unique insight, you’ll be able to unlock the magic of one-to-one marketing campaigns, which will convert more customers, increase spending and reduce churn, and make you a hero.

At Optimove, we’ve figured out how to improve every customer metric by predicting which marketing campaigns will be most effective for each individual customer. If this all sounds too good to be true, then you get what we’re talking about. Optimove’s customer modeling technology is the ultimate secret sauce that drives incredible results.

So what exactly is Optimove?

It’s an automated recommendation engine, wrapped in an end-to-end multichannel campaign management system. It schedules, executes and evaluates every customer marketing campaign. So, every campaign becomes a measurable marketing experiment which feeds a self-learning recommendation engine.

As a bonus, Optimove’s amazing customer modeling technology gives you additional strategic insight through a number of powerful interactive dashboards. Contact Optimove today for a one-to-one web demo. You’ll discover what other Internet companies already know: that personalized marketing campaigns make your attention efforts fly and your revenues soar.