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AI frees marketers to be more creative and helps brands communicate with greater emotional intelligence.

Video Transcript

We believe that artificial intelligence, although it may sound as a paradox, can actually help us to foster better relationships with our customers. Because by using that, you can reach high levels of automation, scaling the way you communicate with your customers, and actually achieve a lot more intimacy, and kind of like emotional intelligence, when talking to your customers.

We gather a lot of signals from our environment. We have a memory. We have kind of like a processing power of responding to different signals based on our memory, and I think that people with high emotional intelligence are able to get the gestures and cues and tones from other people, so that they talk to them in a different fashion based on the other person’s kind of like state of mind, personality, things like that.

AI Helps Brands Communicate with Emotional Intelligence

Brands today, they talk with their customers in kind of like a…it’s not intimate, right? It’s very cold. It’s still a mass market driven, so the brand persona comes into effect when you look at things like copy and the design, and the creative, so things like that. But the brand does not yet have a specific voice, and I think that AI, by leveraging all the data that’s coming in about the customers and analyzing this data in a smart way and then enabling marketers to build intelligent programs and be very responsive to everything that happens to their customers, they will then be able to be super emotional intelligence and kind of like mimic what people are doing when they talk to one another.

Using Data to Build Customer Intimacy

We see it as the machine needs to provide the human, the artist, with more science, with more information, so the human can focus more on the art, so it’s kind of like the data science should elevate that person and help them to be even more creative and kind of like clear out all of those things by using information science and data science. So our finding is that essentially, the two live side by side, and one can power the other, but we’re still at the point that art is still there.

Artificial Intelligence Frees Marketers to Be More Creative

With artificial intelligence, you remove a lot of the grunt work from the marketer, so the marketer can, instead of doing kind of like one, three ideas a month, they can do thirty, fifty a week. So it gives you a lot more power, right, and that power gives you the ability to talk more with your customers, and when talking to be a lot more relevant and accurate.