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NFL Betting Intentions, Brand loyalty and Communication Preferences Report

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Learn what makes NFL bettors tick, and how to avoid ticking them off 

The report offers deep, valuable insights to help guide sports betting sites and operators in optimizing their offerings, enhancing player experiences, and fostering player loyalty while promoting responsible gambling practices.  

In the report: 

  • Bettors' Marketing Fatigue: Discover bettors' views on personalization, preferred communication, and message balance. 
  • Betting Site Preferences: Explore factors influencing NFL bettor choices, top-performing platforms, and site preference drivers. 
  • Wager Behavior Insights: Examine bettor bet frequency, types, decision influencers, and intentions. 
  • Budgeting & Responsible Gambling: Gain insights into betting budgets, Responsible Gambling use, and commitment to responsible play.