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Using Optimove, Sisal’s marketers now have deep insight into their customers’ behavior and preferences. By segmenting customers into granular, homogeneous “customer personas,” they are efficiently delivering the most relevant and personalized messages, offers and incentives to each individual customer.

About Sisal

Sisal is a major Italian group operating in the Gaming and Payment Services sector. Founded in 1946, Sisal became the first Italian company to operate in the gaming sector as a Government Licensee. Today, the company’s 1,800+ employees process 200 million transactions annually for more than 14 million gaming and service customers

What Sisal Says About Optimove

“Optimove’s relationship marketing software and expert professional guidance have strategically enhanced our marketing, and have been a game changer for us. Optimove is not just a vendor for us, they are an important strategic partner.” — Marco Tiso, Online Gaming Business Manager at Sisal

Benefits by the Numbers

Using Optimove to segment their customers into granular personas and to automate personalized customer targeting and messaging, Sisal’s online gaming unit has achieved significant increases in key customer metrics, including:

  • 36% increase in average player future value
  • 23% increase in total deposits
  • 28% increase in NGR
  • 34% increase in GGR