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Within a couple months of getting started with Optimove, Paul Stuart’s marketers were performing advanced customer segmentation, based on dimensions including purchase history, prior campaign response history and predictive analytics.

About Paul Stuart

Paul Stuart is a luxury men’s and women’s retailer known for its unique take on classic American sportswear and tailored clothing. Based in New York City, the company offers its products online, as well as through a network of its own stores in the US and Japan.

What Paul Stuart Says About Optimove

“Optimove helps us understand where to focus our limited resources to have the greatest impact on the business. On a general level, it has turned our entire department into data enthusiasts! We ‘geek out’ on a daily basis over the near-limitless options we have to customize campaigns and the actionable insights we see via the reporting.” — Jessica Granata, Director of Digital Marketing & CRM at Paul Stuart