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Leveraging Optimove, Musti’s Marketing Team combines educational, promotional, and replenishment campaigns to ensure each customer receives the most optimal message for them based on their history with the brand. Musti uses Optimove’s powerful personalization capabilities to communicate with each customer through their channel of preference across all customer journeys.

About Musti

Musti Group is the leading Nordic pet care specialist operating in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Founded in 1988, Musti serves Nordic customers in all channels through store chains Musti ja Mirri, Musti, Arken Zoo and Djurmagazinet, and through pureplay online retail brands such as Peten Koiratarvike and Vetzoo

What Musti Says About Optimove

“Optimove helps us develop personalized cross-sell campaigns to effectively incentivize purchases across categories, at scale. With Optimove we are not required to put in more work even if our customer count would significantly increase.” – Jakob Flygare, Data Scientist, Customer Experience and Loyalty, Musti Group

Benefits by the Numbers

  • Increasing total order amount by 117% YoY
  • Maximizing personalization with 89% of campaigns targeting less than 0.02% of customers in their database
  • Increasing average order value by 25% YoY
  • Increasing email Click-to-Open ratio by 30% YoY