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John Hardy chose Optimove as the Customer Data Platform that would serve as the central hub for all of its personalized customer marketing efforts. John Hardy’s team uses Optimove to discover new segments, schedule recurring multivariate tests and execute behavior-triggered, realtime campaigns.

Optimove’s multi-channel capabilities have made it very easy for the John Hardy team to orchestrate its marketing initiatives across email, Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Display Network and clienteling calls.

About John Hardy

Established in Bali in 1975, John Hardy is a luxury jewelry brand dedicated to creating artisan handcrafted jewelry. Most of the company’s jewelry is still handmade in Bali by master artisans. John Hardy jewelry is sold in boutique stores in numerous countries, through major retailers, such as Bloomingdale’s and Saks, and, since 2016, direct to consumer via the company’s website.

What John Hardy Says About Optimove

“Optimove gives us the data, segmentation and campaign automation to support true omnichannel marketing, as opposed to attempting to simply coordinate among single-channel efforts.”
— Jonas Malpass, Senior Manager of CRM & Digital Marketing, John Hardy

Benefits by the Numbers

Within a few months of deploying Optimove, John Hardy measured the following results:

  • 53% increase in monthly average net revenue
  • 143% increase in purchase amount through clienteling campaigns
  • Average sales of $901 per customer, from realtime cart-abandonment campaigns
  • 15% decrease in customer churn